🐸 Gift a Random Character WITH NEW ART

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by JaniToad

There are some games like this over in the Forum Games section, but I tend to see the same characters getting passed around and around, never finding a good home, which is a real shame! So I thought, why not make a rule that before gifting the character to the next person, you have to draw a new art piece for it?


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βœ… RULES:

  • The character you receive will be completely random! You don't get to choose it. However, if the person sending you the character wants to make sure you get one you'll like, they can check out your current characters or wishlist for inspiration.
  • The characters sent in this thread MUST have at least one full-body image!
  • You cannot claim again until 3 different people have posted after your last claim.
  • Do not claim again if you still haven't fulfilled your previous claim.
  • Do not delete your claim once you've posted it.
  • Respect everyone's choices - if they don't want nsfw or gore, don't send them a character with content like that.
  • Always thank whoever sends you your new character!
  • Make sure to draw a new image of the character before you send it! There HAS to be art by YOU.
  • Check the transfer log to make sure you're not sending the character to somebody who's already owned it previously.
  • Images must be clear, not blurry or covered in text etc.
  • Send the character with new artwork within three weeks.
  • If you claim, do not edit your post any more than 20 minutes after claiming - it would confuse the next person to see your post constantly changing!
  • Edit your post with the new image you drew for the character, to prove that you did.
  • If you don't like the character you get, feel free to put it back in here (with new artwork) or send it to The Freebie Bin.
  • In your claim, say whether you'll accept nsfw or gore content in the character from whoever claims you.
  • The very first person to post in this thread gets a free character without having to send one to anyone else, since nobody is above you!
  • Show proof that you have drawn a new image for the character here in the thread!


  • Kambyop

Claim both ok!


Claim! Sending this character, added this piece of art!

Gore and NSFW are both fine with me, thank you!!

Alexandra RomieTears

Claim! Here's my design wishlist for ideas but I'm chill with anything!
Both Gore and NSFW is fine!

<- Sending over Alexandra!
Added this today as well as a pixel gif!


Naoshi Kill3r-Qu33n

Claim! sending Akita! Drew her the new Icon headshot

[TBN cheetah custom] JaniToad

claiming Usaqii!

> here's the new artwork <

gore okay! NSFW... okay with P, not okay with V