gift an oc to the person above [any ref ed.]

Posted 9 months, 25 days ago (Edited 1 month, 3 days ago) by sirenmarrow

original thread: gift a character to the person above you
alt threads: stricter version | furry edition! | random  
this thread will operate similarly to the others, but with no forms and no requirements for gifting (i.e. reference sheets)

what happens is i'm gifted a character that i don't have a use for?
you have one of two options that i can recommend. either use the character again by gifting to another person, or sending it into the freebie bin. or, you could gift it to me for the gacha i hold once in a while!

you mayyou may not
indicate if you accept characters w/ nsfw/gory art or themessend a character w/ nsfw/gory art or themes unless specified
contact sirenmarrow via dm if you have questionscause drama on this forum
read creator's terms of use before trading or sellingsell or trade a character received if not allowed
transfer character w/ memo "forum game (any ref)"apologize for sending a character you do not like
wait two posts before claiming againuse a form to detail a character you would like
send a character w/o any photos except for an avatarsend in a blank profile
send a character directly from a generator (w/ proper credit)send a character that the user has previously owned
  • failure to follow these simple rules will result in a warning. repeated rulebreaking (three strike system) will result in a ban from participation. to appeal, please dm sirenmarrow. 
  • do not post and hide it to recieve a free character.
  • you must send in a character to the person above three days after posting. failure to do so will result in a temporary blacklist that will be lifted after transfer of a character.
edit (april 16, 2019): please keep bumping to a minimum (i.e. if a comment has been unclaimed for over six hours)

please mention is you accept characters with nsfw/gory art or themes!
The First Person to post will receive the first character and will not be required to give one since no one posted before them.


Claim! Both fine!


Claim! Both are fine


Claim! Neither, preferred!