FIXED!!! Preventing UFS/T Charas from being free

Posted 8 months, 6 days ago (Edited 5 months, 28 days ago) by _exxus_

Basically here's my hot take lmao.....

Too often I browse the characters in search of free characters, only for people to slap that label on a character thats UFT/S. Its. So. Annoying! It's dishonest and clogs the tag. 

A suggestion would to be to prevent people from marking characters as 'free' if theyre already marked in any other sale category, because seriously. It's really ridiculous at this point, and SO annoying to have to sort through tons of characters that aren't even FREE. If I'm looking for characters, I don't want to have to continue to sort through ones that aren't free. (If you do this please consider stopping!)

EDIT AS OF 2/28/19: THANK YOU ADMINS!! This issue has been fixed!!


+1. I look for free characters sometimes, and it always bugs me when characters are listed as free, only for me to go to the character page and have it say that the owner is looking for usd or DeviantArt points or something.


+1 to infinity, its just misleading and causes unnecessary conflict when people ask if a chara is free and get an angry response of "UM NO?? THEY'RE TRADE/60$/OTA ONLY!!!" 

like ghgg there's.. other options for you to list your charas under too? just use the offer / ota option if you're unsure of what you want them to go for


this is still an issue, with $80 characters being put in the free tag. hence, i bump this post.









I have a semi-completed blocklist of users who are abusing this feature. 

This blocklist goes up to page 17 of characters marked as freebies.

This blocklist is also SUPER. DUPER. LONG. 

I will not be using it myself, but it is here for those who do need it. 

If your name is on this list and you feel it has been put her unrightfully so, message me and I will take it off!

Without further ado, the block list. 





This just got added recently, you can see it in the change log!