🌱 zyl & kamuiia's organic html 👏 | [new: 12/16]

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 1 month, 10 days ago) by Zylphide

  free range organic codes  

by Kamuiia & Zylphide

we're just 2 clowns harvesting organic codes from our html fields. who knows what kind of code we'll find growing out there next??? 🤔

(but no seriously we're just 2 friends casually making some codes)



  • turn off WYSIWYG or else everything might look like trash
  • leave a comment if you use any codes! we'd love to see what you do with them
  • don't remove the credits
  • don't redistribute free codes for profit or claim them as yours
  • frankensteining codes together is fine, but credit all users involved


  • 2021-12-16: added let's talk bout the mail
  • 2021-11-20: thread post rewrite 👏, added autotrophy
  • 2021-10-23: added trails of fire
  • 2021-09-23: added pumpkin infinity
  • 2021-09-12: added big iron on his hip
  • 2021-09-01: added directory
  • 2021-08-29: added compoundeyes and netrunner
  • 2021-08-24: added pay per view
  • 2021-08-02: added country roads and solar system
  • 2021-07-14: added city lights
  • 2021-06-21 added heart of thorns
  • 2021-04-30: added student debt, dirt digger, and rock licker
  • 2021-04-06: added mirror image
  • 2021-04-01: added desktop folder
  • 2021-03-13: added access code
  • 2021-02-22: added under the sea
  • 2021-02-01: added pkmn league card, catfight and catboard box
  • 2021-01-27: added lofi songs to study to and pspspsps
  • 2021-01-18: added mechat and friendspace
  • 2021-01-17: added lab notebook
  • 2021-01-12: slight spacing changes to web surfer
  • 2021-01-03: added web surfer and creature feature
  • 2020-12-22: added human revolution and emailer
  • 2020-12-20: added persona wiki
  • 2020-12-13: added read all about it! and persona 3 status
  • 2020-12-8: added old flight rising and chats and stats
  • 2020-12-6: added party selection screen, bookworm, tea party, seafarer, and little beans


Definitely gonna use some of these in the future!


2020-12-8 update: added old flight rising and chats and stats


This is neat. I shall use this indeed.


SUP SUP using!!


eek! these codes are amazing! i'll be using as soon as i figure out where to find the css or html box -


CloudiiSkii If you click on a character and to the left side, there's a option called "Edit Profile", copy and paste a code and put it there!


2020-12-13 update: added read all about it! and persona 3 status


these are gorgeous, gonna use some of these! thank you so much!


I'll be using some of these!


i'll be using bookworm in a little bit. thank you so much. :)


I'm gonna use bookworm definitely, and I'm taking a look at the others! Thank you so much <3


These codes look great! I'll definitely be using some of them. Thank you!


These are so cool! Will probably use the newspaper one soon <3


Hey there, I'm planning to use your party select screen code, thank you for your work here!


2020-12-20 update: added persona wiki

thanks everyone for all your support, we really appreciate it 💖