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[ Last Updated: 09.27 ]

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Terms of Service

  • If you are using one of my codes, comment here so I can see what character you're using it on and so I know you've read these rules!
  • Do not redistribute/sell my codes. This includes:
    • Frankensteined codes (I am ok with frankensteined codes being released as F2U with credit, not as P2U)
    • Edited version of my codes (I am ok with edited versions released as F2U with credit)
    • Selling template "fill-outs" (i.e., you fill out the code for someone else for profit); please use Safehou-se instead
    • Reposting versions of my code with no major changes applied (Again, frankensteined codes are ok, but if you are just doing minor color changes, do not repost the code as a separate entity)
  • Turn WYSIWYG off and Code Editor on in your display settings in order for codes to work
  • For questions/comments/bugs, my PMs are the best way of contacting me
  • I do not issue refunds for codes, so please make sure you are sure to read the product description clearly before purchasing. CSS themes are for premium users only, and will not work for regular users.

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your codes are really cool! I'll probably use some in the future :D


dellabeat thank you!

 lisa 8byte

added lisa!


I love your coding! Thanks so much for trading with me! 


asphyxiated ofc!! Both of those r f2u ^-^


fisticuffs ty!! It was my pleasure :)!


added f2u version of the overwatch code!

 twilight 8byte

added a f2u super super super super (like... literally this ONLY has the basics ahhhhhhhhhhh) mlp code (i might expand on this later but honestly i had this in wip for so long and just. had absolutely no thoughts. head empty!!!) if u have suggestions ahahaha

 bubbline 8byte

added my first couple/ship code!!! very excited abt this one bc of the color scheme lol :)!


Hi! I used Madoka! Thank you so much for the codes. I'll be using more. They're so nice to look at and easy to navigate!