General Update & Bug Fixes

Posted 5 years, 3 months ago by admin

We've pushed an update to the site javascript, please try a Ctrl+F5 or clear your cache if you find stuff acting up or behaving strangely. 

  • HTTPS site should be fixed.
  • Forum changes:
    • You can now delete threads that you have made as long as they are not in the Commerce section (Art Marketplace, Adoption Center, Design marketplace).
    • Double posting is re-enabled but will no longer bump threads
    • Threads older than 3 days can be bumped now but only by the thread creator
    • Some layout tweaks
  • Image uploads:
    • Size limit raised to 4MB
    • Recoded the thumbnailer and watermarker - the compression quality should be a little better now and it should function correctly with animated gifs
    • Thumbnails will now be watermarked if either privacy setting requires a watermark (basically the same as legacy functionality)
  • QOL Updates
    • Added some colors & fonts to the WYSIWYG
    • You can now jump to page on the forums by clicking the "Page X" link between the arrows
    • http:// is now automatically added into designer URLs where omitted
    • Searching for characters by designer will now search for rough matches as well as exact matches
  • Bug fixes
    • The site is back on speaking terms with Paypal 
    • Posts from banned users are now hidden
    • Changing password should now be fixed
    • Disabling the WYSIWYG no longer restricts your threads to 500 characters long 
    • You can no longer change to usernames with special characters in them
    • Profiles for usernames containing numbers only should no longer redirect to random characters
    • Images no longer get counted multiple times towards your image gallery pagination count
    • Dragging an empty block into your profile blocks will no longer break your profile page 
    • Underage users can now properly set their content filters again
Still hitting the site with a hammer, bear with us! As usual, keep the bug reports coming and we'll get to you as soon as we can.