General Update & Fixes (July 05)

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by admin

Firstly - invitation codes went out a little bit late this week but should now be properly credited. If you're still missing this week's invite codes please let us know and we'll look into it ASAP for you o/ 

Remember to Ctrl+F5 to receive the new update if anything isn't showing up or is looking kind of wonky/buggy to you. 


  • Image pagination has been added as an optional feature - at the bottom of your character's page you can now set the number of images to display per page. This should help anyone who's experiencing gallery performance issues for characters with hundreds of images. 
  • Image sorting has been split off from the character image gallery and is now in a separate link on the character sidebar. 
  • Legacy & pagination settings have been added to the character mass management panel. 
  • Added the checkbox for setting a new image upload as a character's avatar back in. 
  • Added cropper to user avatar uploads.
  • You should now be able to delete messages in your outbox again.
  • Hidden posts should now show up in the Forum Games forum - this is to prevent people from being accidentally skipped. 
  • Polls are no longer votable in by creators. 
  • Numeric URLs will now redirect to the appropriate character's page as long as no user with that username exists. 
  • The random characters section on the front page will no longer show blocked characters or characters from blocked users. 
  • Increased speed of the image processing queue (used by the Image Mass Manager). 


  • Added more buttons for when viewing the WYSIWYG on mobile or smaller screens. 
  • Added spell checker back in.
  • Added custom hex field for the color panels.
  • You can now use the link button to add in anchor IDs. It's a quick & ugly replacement for the old anchor feature, we hope to have something better in later.
  • Images'll no longer squash vertically - you'll have to edit and resubmit to fix old posts though. 

Bug fixes

  • Scrolling on mobile should now be fixed. 
  • Character owners can now assign designers again. 
  • Watermarker should now select the correct watermark all the time rather than randomly selecting the first watermark on the list. 
  • Ownership log no longer break on random character pages.
  • Deleted worlds no longer show up in user world lists. 
  • The server now detects the correct size for GIFs. 
  • The server now acknowledges that JPEGs are images too. 
  • Receiving a favorite on an image should no longer crash your notifications page. 
  • Been going around fixing up random page breaking errors, mostly the ones that pop up when you attempt to view user-only pages when logged out.