[FIN] Read-only Maintenance Sunday 17th Jun, 2-4AM

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago (Edited 5 years, 11 months ago) by admin

Another scheduled maintenance on Sunday for database tweaks.

We've updated the site search - you can now find it under the "Browse" option at the top of the page along with some other new stuff. 

  • You can now search by character owner or by designer (note that searching by off-site designer will be laggy until we're done with this upcoming database maintenance)
  • You can now sort results by age, favorites, and number of images & literatures (note that some of these will also be quite laggy until we can fix it up this upcoming database maintenance)
  • We're trying out a new trade listing feature by request and will be keeping it if people don't find it too obnoxious. 
    • You can add a character to the trade listing by going to the "Trade Listing" button in their sidebar. This will add the character to the Trade Listing search.
    • You can specify some basic options (such as what sort of trade you're looking for, the price range you're looking at, whether it's a humanoid/furry/feral character, etc.).
As usual, please let us know if you run into any bugs or have any feedback.

Post-maintenance updates:

  • The site should no longer die when trying to sort character search results by number of faves/images/literatures
  • We've added a custom pagination option under your display settings if you wanna see more than 18 character per page
  • Non-premium users can now hide the featured character box under the profile options page 
  • Strict CSS warnings are now toggle-able
  • We've re-organised and collapsed the character management links on character pages since the sidebar was getting a little long. We're still fiddling with better solutions for this but in the meanwhile hope the extra click isn't too bothersome.
  • Premium members now get a little reminder bar on the front page when their premium's about to expire (one week left) - you can dismiss it and it won't show up again so hopefully it's not too obstructive.
  • Fixed a bug where characters didn't want to be set as freebies via the trade listing