FREE Customs [Open] + Designing help?

Posted 2 months, 19 days ago (Edited 7 days, 8 hours ago) by Hackwolfin

Edit [11/15/2017]: I got a lot going on, but I am still keeping this open c: Also, if anyone would like to help with designing please PM me and we'll see. I'll picky on whom I pick, but the people I do pick will have there request drawn by myself.

Edit [09/19/2017]: So more people can get a Rhymit babe, I have ask Kamistasia to help fill out some of the requests. So you may get one made by them instead. c:

Also, I'm going through the list and I'll try to hit the ones I see where like 3 different people are requesting for the same person (As it tells me they really want one, or 3 lol) c:

Edit [09/18/2017]: Yes these are still open lol (I'm seeing a lot of comments asking if so)

Also, some examples, these are the ones I finished so far~~


Not first come, first served!! I'll be picking at random mostly, and whatever I like the most * *//

This is for my species Rhymits (examples: x x )

Finished design can range from a clean sketch to a finished chibi, so I can do as many as I can!!


  • You can request 1 custom for yourself UNLIMITED for friends* c: (you may only request one design per friend though!!)
  • When Requesting for a friend Please @ them at the top of the form so I know. Ex: For Hackwolfin
  • Please note you may NOT resell the finish custom AT ALL
  • Also note you may NOT trade UNLESS: you have add to the designed worth (draw extra, commissioned artwork, etc.)**
  • ONLY Comment the form, do NOT PM
  • Fill the form to the T, no side notes or added in options ;;v;;
  • No double forms (meaning you and a someone else request the same thing word for word)
  • Nothing else really, I want to keep things simple ovo


Type: Type-R/Type-B

Gender: F/M/N (just for what they look like, you can make them whatever afterwards, like trans male c: )

Theme: One to Three words MAX. Ex: Dark Knight, Hexagonal Archer, Angel, Circus, Asian Flower Dancer, New York DJ, etc. (feel free to us one of these)

Color Palette: Image only

Personality: 1 ~ 3 words max

*You are more likely to get a design if a friend asks for it for you instead c: (I will still do ones you ask for too, just depends) You can ask for friends to request for you, no limit to how many friends request for you. So if you really want one, just post a bulletin and let your friends know to help you out c:

Please just don't give them a set form ;;v;; I don't want to see 20+ requests for the same design. (May work well if you give them a list of things you like for each blank in the form?)

**Just, if you decide to trade after getting art done for them, check with me and I'll look at the art and give you the okay/no go. I'll only really say no if you just doodled them one or something super small like that. c:

Optional: if you like the finished design, it would mean a lot to me if you buy me coffee~

Type: Type-B

Gender: M

Theme: Affectionate love temptress

Color Palette:

Personality: manipulative, intimate, feminine

Type: Type-R

Gender: F

Theme: Digital Painting

Color Palette: d0b6dbf4d9cc690e273755a2cc7c31ed.png

Personality: Calculating, distrustful, passionate

Ereth2 "Also, if anyone would like to help with designing please PM me and we'll see."

I don't want to make a mess of the comments so please PM as stated, it's not a good first impression if you don't read the whole sentence ;;v;;

Type: Type-B

Gender: M

Theme: *Mountain skier 

Color Palette: cold-winter-morning-31654-1920x1080.jpg

Personality: Cheerful, playful, Optimistic


Type: Type-B

Gender: M

Theme: Neon trickster

Color Palette: 50311.png

Personality: Charming, manipulative, witty

Type: Type-B

Gender: F

Theme: Tropical lizard

Color Palette: KoQYrWpETnaW-sxsJDepCA.png

Personality: Clingy, energetic, overbearing

Type: Type-R


Theme: Art Deco Hobo 

Color Palette: RiYoRYu.jpg

Personality: paranoid, cynical, adventurous 

Type: type b 

Gender: f !

Theme: royal? prince?

Color Palette: 

Personality: cool, extravagant, conceited