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New Adoptables Design




July 17, 2019: Adopt 7 currently on hold { character sheet drawing in progress }

July 07, 2019: 1 new character design added.

June 15, 2019: 2 new character design added.

Mar 17, 2019: In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, all adoptables and characters are 50% off until March 24, 2019.

Mar 01, 2019: End of the month Sale! All characters are 30% off until March 03, 2019.

Feb 10, 2019: Once all my 8 adoptables sold, there will be new design coming very soon. If you have a suggestion for the next adoptables, don't hesitate to let me know in the comment section below. Theme/Idea/do you prefer base? or custom draw (such as all my 8 adopts)/do you prefer simple color style (price will be cheaper) or current coloring style (price would be the same as current)

Feb 05, 2019: 30% off sale in celebration for CNY! Price will be back to normal on Feb 11, 2019


- Currently have 2 open adoptables.

- if interested in buying, FILL THIS FORM to claim the character. This is first come first serve.

- Please be sure you have the funds before filling out the Adopt Form.

- Mistakenly filling out the form/change of mind after submitting the form will be resulting of getting the first warning. Doing it a second time will 

be resulting of not getting any more services from me, whether its Adoptables or Commission related.

- Any questions, DM me or you can contact me through Email at: [email protected] / Discord: 落叶#9650


Rules & Terms Of Service:

- Accepting Paypal only.

- Payment in USD only.

- Serious buyer only.

- No refund.

- Adoptable will open again if payment were not receive within 24 hours.

- Reselling are allowed as long the price is no higher than the original, but please let me know before doing that.

- Trading/Gifting are allowed but please let me know the new owner first.

- Do not change/altering/modify the original design.

- Credit must be given to the original design:

Rueze-XIII @ Deviantart / Rueze @ Toyhouse / ruzurifu @ Tumblr / Rueze @ Pixiv / ruzurifu @ Instagram


Buyer will get:

- No watermark, high resolution artwork of the adoptable.


Adoptables List:




extra art: character sheet


Adopts 16:

16 -$160 - Owner: kaeris


Adopts 15:

$115 + 1 extra art - Owner: humandisaster


extra art: character sheet



Adopts 14:

$160 - Owner: Phantasmagoria


Adopts 11, 12, 13:

11 - $50 - Owner: none

12 - Owner: Silver_Apple

13 - $60 - Owner: none


Adopts 8, 9, 10:

8 - Owner: Mauvable

9 - Owner: Ravensheart @ DA

10 - Owner: Zone


Adopts 7:

7 - $45 { ON HOLD } - Owner: none


Adopts 6:

6 - Owner: Uweyvi


Adopts 5:

$60 - Owner: CaptainGears @ DA


Adopts 4:

4 - Owner: AlexandriaMew @ DA

Characters for Sale

Notes & Rules:

- Selling all characters from this folder. DM me if interested in buying or you can contact me through Email at: [email protected] / Discord: 落叶#9650

- Payment through Paypal in USD.

- Pay within 24 hours.

- All characters is originally own by me and my sister. Each artwork will be credited to artist with link credited to their social media (if I remember the artist username). All characters have been created for almost 7-8 years ago, I might not remember some of the artist username who drew the artwork.

- I'll only sell them, not accepting character/art trade.

Term of Use:

- Gifting and trading character are allowed.

- Re-selling are allowed, but price is no higher than the original price. 

- Re-design the character are allowed.


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You art is STUNNING!!! <3 I love the 1st & 2nd kids <3333


galaxycrown thank you~! <3


Beautiful adopts <3 



thank you! o vo


Rueze of course! 💕


I was too slow. ;-;



I assume you mean adopt 4? someone bought it this morning, sorry ;o; 


Yeah, I was debating. I love your art so much.



ah I see~ thank you ; u ;


I'd love to purchase this one https://toyhou.se/2548658.adopt-06-45-usd if he is still available.



yes he's still available, thank you for your interest~!

I'll send you the invoice if you're ready for payment.