Mystiques Valentine OTA + Free Raffle *CLOSED*

Posted 6 months, 16 days ago (Edited 6 months, 3 days ago) by SavorAvery

I am so, SO excited to share these babs with you all! I did an off-base collab with DTalvi for some Valentine’s Day Mystiques! He did the lines and I did the colors! I really love how they all turned out, and I hope you guys do, too.

This also marks the first FREE RAFFLE for the species! I plan to raffle off at least one design each month-- but they won’t always be off-base, so this is very special!

USD > Trades (art/characters/myo slots) > points > etc.
Min USD offer: $40 $30
For trades, we’re looking for a Czylph and Stardragon MYO slots (premades could work too, but will likely be picky).
Other characters I like may be random, but generally I prefer: males, humans or anthros (no kemonomimis), and lighter palettes.
You can also offer art. It must be completed within one month and must be completed BEFORE you officially own the design! Mostly interested in couple art, humans and anthros

Winning offers will be chosen on February 15, 2019, or when/if AutoBought.

Hanahaki: PENDING
Single horn (C)
Regular ears (C)
Arrow vents (C)
Deer tail (C)
Colored myst (C)
AB: To be announced!

Paired horns (C)
Longer ears (C)
Heart vents (R)
Husky tail (C)
Colored myst (C)
AB: To be announced!

Ends February 14, 2019, at 11:59pm CST → Countdown Timer HERE!
Winner will be chosen by RNG.

Single horn (C)
Fluffy ears (UC)
Triple holed vents (C)
Neck fluff (UC)
Red panda tail (UC)
Colored myst (C)

How to Enter the Free Raffle for “Heartbreaker”:

  1. Watch SavorAvery and join Mystiques - Vel D'von
  2. Comment under the Featured Raffle comment. I forgot TH forums don't let you make a thread, so if you're interested, just post a comment/ping me if you'd like! When the raffle closes, I will ping you and you will be given a number as your entry ticket. Simple as that!
  3. (Optional) For one additional entry ticket, post a journal/status/poll on DeviantArt, Twitter, OR Toyhouse advertising this free raffle and provide a link to it in your comment. FurAffinity journals will NOT count, as it is against their COC, so please don’t do it! (Also please leave the post up until after the raffle closes! I will be assigning numbers right before the draw, so if the post has been deleted before then, it will not count!)
  4. I feel like this should go without saying, but the maximum number of entry tickets one person can get is two. Even if you comment on all of the ads of this post, and make a post on all of the social medias mentioned above, it will still only count as one entry each!

Winner: TBA on February 15, 2019.
Their comment will be replied to, as well as sent a note to confirm.
I will wait 3 days for confirmation. If the note goes unread/unreplied to after this deadline, I will choose another winner via RNG.

Please refer to my Terms of Service, as you will have to agree to them before purchase. If your question isn’t answered in my TOS, then please ask!
(I will be making a Mystique-specific TOS and FAQ in the near future.)

Please reply to the featured comment of the design name you’re offering on!

Lines © DTalvi
Designs © SavorAvery

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Mystiques are a Closed Species created by SavorAvery. You cannot make your own.


Enter the Free Raffle for Heartbreaker here!


SavorAvery , can i please be added to the heartbreaker raffle? i'm not sure you can comment below a post on toyhous.e, so i hope this is ok!


4kcuo Of course! I'll respond when the raffle ends with your entry ticket number <3


It isn't giving me the option to respond to the comment, am I missing something? ;w; I want to enter the raffle! 


TheStrayCat I can add you from here and ping you with your ticket number when the raffle ends! Or if you’d like a comment where I can respond, you can post on my bulletin mirror here—

Either way, I’ve got you on the list now <3


Thank you!! I went ahead and replied just to make it easier on you. I really appreciate it! I'm so excited 8) 


TheStrayCat Thanks so much and good luck!! <3


they're all really cool! also i don't know how to ping here yet, so i hope this comment suffices. c':


petalgust Thanks so much, and absolutely! I’ve got you marked and I’ll ping you with your raffle ticket number once it ends. Good luck! <3


4kcuo Thanks so much for entering. I wish you the best of luck! Your raffle number is 45.

petalgust Thanks so much for entering. I wish you the best of luck! Your raffle number is 46.