Beware: Tabanei (1-7-2019 UPDATE)

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Hello! I never thought I'd have to write a bad review about another artist, but I've finally run into a situation that pushed me past my limit.

Who: Tabanei @ TH / dA
What: 2 waist up experimentally colored images.
When: June 25th of 2017
Issue: Art remains undelivered as of June 9th 2018 despite being paid for, contact has been dropped multiple times.

I'll try and keep this concise as possible because I just want to get straight to the point. My notes have been ignored by Tabanei at various intervals of our transaction and the most I've received was some extremely basic skeleton sketches for posing and a piece of apology art.

June 25th - Dec 11th 2017. For the sake of recording these dates side by side, these are the notes that went back and forth for the payment, and then my first prodding in December.
Here is the note where the the invoice had been sent.
Here is the invoice in question, paid by myself.
Here is the Dec 11th response from Tabanei & my providing of new references.

On Jan 28th I checked in again using a note from our previous correspondence and received no immediate response.

On Jan 30th I received an apology as well as art that had nothing to do with what I paid for. While I was thankful to receive something, I can't help but feel bitter that time and effort was wasted giving me something I didn't pay for.

On the 12th of Feb I received some poses as well as a reminder about the gift art. I hadn't responded initially because I was annoyed that anything was done but what I was paid for, but I failed to mention it directly to Tabanei because I hadn't wanted to sour our relationship before our business was complete.
On the same day, I responded thankfully and also provided new references. This note remains unread as of posting this thread.

On April 15th, I sent a note on dA because of my ignored TH note.
I was ignored yet again, so I tweeted them because it was the only place I knew Tabanei was active,
This prompted a relatively quick response which was sent on April 22nd.

As instructed, I provided new references again on the same day along with my honest feelings on the situation, but this note also remains unread as of posting this thread.

Today (June 9th) I gave Tabanei one stern message & a warning that I would be posting this thread.


As a closing message, I just want to clear up some things. On the outside I'm impatient as hell, I love getting new art and I'm always triple checking my inboxes when I sent off information. On the inside however, I can be extremely lenient and patient. The only thing I require is contact, honesty, and the ability to pull out of an agreement at any time if I'm not getting what I paid for. It's what I offer to my own customers, and it's all I would expect from others.

I understand that art takes time and the best pieces are done when someone is enjoying themselves. I am by no means a quick artist, I've taken several months to a year on pieces myself. But I will never intentionally shirk contact with my buyers, nor will I ever trap them into an agreement where they aren't offered a refund as an alternative when I have nothing to give with an update.

Dropping contact is inexcusable. This is a business transaction with real money involved and your customer deserves as much respect as anyone or anything else in the real world that deals with real money transactions. Your buyers are not people you can simply forget or put on the back-burner until it's convenient for you.

Either way, I hope this issue gets resolved and that Tabanei learns from their mistakes.

Thanks for reading.


Update: June 11th I received a response to my last note, with a promise to finish the owed art.

Update 2: June 19th I received one of my commissions complete, there is still one more to go.

Update 3: After a bit of back and forth with WIPs, both pieces have been completed and delivered to me on July 21st, concluding my business with Tabanei.

Follow up message:

Although this warning has done well to push forth the reality of the situation and see my pieces to completion (and with no shortage of effort, I might add!) I am deeply hoping that Tabanei offers their remaining customers the same amount of effort they offered me. As far as I'm aware, there are still a number of unfinished commissions, so this beware will remain up as a precaution to those who may consider ordering in the future, and for those who are still awaiting their products as well.

I encourage everyone to post here if they get updates on their commissions, so that we might have a point of reference regarding whether or not others are being done.

UPDATE 1-7-2019:

My commission was finished, and I was ready to be done with this thread hoping Tabanei has learned her lesson, but unfortunately that is not the case. At least two users are still being ignored in regards to contact about overdue commissions, some which have been going on for months without any response. I would not commission this user at all, as they've shown that as of right now with their outstanding commissions they cannot be trusted to finish or refund past projects, much less keep in contact with customers in a reasonable timeframe.

Vin MisoHungry both have contacted me/this thread asking if anyone else has come to me speaking of their commissions being finished. If they wish to show images of their correspondence via comments on this thread, I'll link to the individual posts to show them.

-- MisoHungry's proof
-- Hannibaru's proof


I'm sure you do, but do you intend to open a dispute with Paypal? I'm aware youre over the time limit, but you have a strong case and calling in usually works even beyond the dispute time limit.


vvingblade If I'm met with silence yet again and art/a refund isn't delivered within a reasonable time since this post then yes, I do. I definitely don't want to be out of my money if I'm not getting any art.


I have a small follow up since I am on the to-do list that everyone is on (Sakura20010):

I've commissioned Tabanei twice, one headshot (which I now use as my avatar) and one halfbody.

The first commission was completed quickly and it came with some extra art that came later:

The second commission didn't go nearly as smoothly, but it did end up being completed ( The time frame was between June 8th to Dec 20th, with one apology on Oct 19th. A WIP was sent on Dec 19th and the commission was completed the next day.

I also told Tabanei to put me on the end of her list, since I was a bit late to send the payment: so I find it strange that my commission was completed before others when I was the last on the list. I also tend to be overly patient to artists I'm commissioning so when she sent me the apology in October, I told her she can take her time. I also sent no check in messages in between so I'm very surprised that she actually finished my commission considering everybody else's experience with her.


Update (1/7/2019): Sent a DM asking for progress.

Update (8/26/2018): Received flat color WIP for second one!

Update (7/20/2018): Received sketch of poses to choose from for second one!

Update (6/29/2018): Received the first commission! Now waiting on second one!

Update (6/16/2018): Got a twitter DM and a WIP to choose pose for one of the commissions! Glad to hear from them!

No updates (last checked 7/18/2019)

I'm on the slot list linked by MisoHungry above (thanks for the screenshot!!).

All relevant screenshots here.

May 26th, 2017 - Ordered and paid for a flat color waist up

June 28th, 2017 - Upgraded previous flat color waist up to hybrid cell shaded waist up, ordered additional hybrid cell shaded waist up, and paid

November 8th, 2017 - Encouraged by a friend to ask for an update

November 9th, 2017 - Was told they had overdue commissions to work on and will do their best to contact me when they have time

June 11, 2018 - Sent a final follow up and offered that they can either finish the art or send me a full refund

Between these above dates, they opened and completed adopts, chibi commissions/art for OTAs, art trades, and various personal art before touching older commissions. I've seen them post bulletins/tweet about the death of their rabbit (around November), their grandpa getting ill (around January), or about their slump in general as excuses to delaying owed arts.


Aah, this is a bit upsetting to see- I'm a fan of their work and Collestian species... after having bought a closed species adopt from them (I own one Collestian, but she's not listed on, I was hoping to commission them at some point. The transaction and delivery of files for the already-completed adopt was handled swiftly, and I hadn't noticed any red flags when doing business with them in this manner... but this is just terrible. ;;

Thank you for the warning; I'll definitely make sure to exercise caution if I ever do business with them again... though I'm going to refrain from commissioning them for sure... ;;


MisoHungry I've been in contact with them through Twitter, though our last correspondence was about 2 weeks ago. Maybe you can try tweeting directly at them since maybe they didn't see your DM? I know that Twitter separates Inbox and Requests into separate [email protected]@ Good luck!