PSA: _erori | mutecity Update 6/10

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6/10/19 Update: I was contacted today by them and my end has been resolved. In short, they had some serious issues that they were working through and apologized for being unprofessional. Our exchange with some info blocked is in spoiler below. They wished a lot of it to remain private.  They also said they will be working on things people are owed and will no longer do commissions.


Right-click, open in new tab.

Their socials:
Primary TH: @mutecity (Semi-active)
Side TH: @_erori (inactive for now)
DA: (seemingly inactive)
Twitter: (cannot see if it's active as I cannot view it, possibly blocked since Iwas able to message them before)
Tumblr: (seemingly inactive)

Spoiler pictures the date I ordered and paid. Second image in spoiler shows my first message and their response.


The above message was responded to over a month after I sent the message but they seemed apologetic enough and added in an extra chibi to make up for wait time. I accepted! So that leads me to now and I've heard nothing from them since. Below will be extra information.

I could not get a refund by the time I wanted to file a chargeback as it had been past 90 days (2 days past to be exact and Paypal still wouldn't give me a break...) That's out of the question so I can only hope to track them down whereever they are and spread the word for any others that have been or are possibly going to be effected in the future.

2/6/19 There is recent login activity but no reponse to any previous attempts of contact or new message.


Sent them a new message in another attempt to reach them on 2/6/19. 


3/8/19 Another login and no contact/response to my messages. 


5/30/19 Another login and no contact/response to my messages. 


People have mostly been rooting for them and hoping they're okay. As much as I also hope they're fine, they seem well enough to log in multiple times (that I've caught while not actively checking) and giving no heed to messages sent by myself or others. If they can login, they can respond.

What I need to know now is any other new social media accounts they may have. I have the sneaking suspicion that they became overwhelmed with commissions and quit being active on all areas people knew they could be contacted at. I believe they made new accounts with new usernames to continue work but in order to find these possible accounts, I need anyone to come forward who knows of anyone who has artwork similiar to theirs or usernames.


It looks like they are a side account of: . They have all their other social media accounts linked to that account :o Probably check there? Though from what I am seeing, all their accounts look very “dead” and inactive :/


SoraDeathEater Thanks for showing me that!


Lotor It seems the 180 days has passed me by just by a few days but Paypal said that they'd try and contact them. Sheep That's why I didn't want to make this a full PSA but just try and gather some information! Thank you both for your comments.


I have ordered 5 chibis on this base from this artist in the past, I believe the turnaround was a little over a month? I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you, I hope things can be resolved :(


I've ordered 3 Chibis from them back in June 26 2018 and received them by July 16 2018

their deviantart is


shrio-nii ba-mot Their turnaround time seemed to have been alright. Just wondering where they are now. Thank you for your comments!


A little bump. I hope to reach others who are in a CURRENT commission wait list.


Activity is shown so they seem to be ignoring messages to the best of my knowledge. This is the second time I've happened to catch that they've been online. I really would love to know if anyone else is still waiting on commissions because there were so many trying to catch the chibi style sale since they were going to retire it and they were offering reduced prices. s i g h


There are comments on their DA of people filing chargebacks and winning and some other people who were too late.