(IC) Slax open species?

Posted 2 months, 20 days ago (Edited 2 months, 20 days ago) by starrmii

Do you want Slax to be a thing?

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Interest check on the Slax species. There are suppose to be four types of Slax, this one is the Short, the most common of them all. The others are Long-Eared (See Karma for an example), Horned, and Aggressive. The Slax are a species with a round flat face, a long neck, and usually hooved feet/hands (Except the Short). The Short is the shortest of the Slax, a very relax species. The Long-eared are the most intelligent, a very innovative species. The Horned are mountain climbers and explorers, a voyaging species. The Aggresive are the most feral of the Slax, a very strong species. They each have very specific customs and appearances. The Short will be the first of the adoptables/MYO, but the Long-Eared will be close behind.