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They are a simple species (Lovecraftian monsters + kitsunes) with optional lore that can fit into historical, modern, and futuristic stories!
They have several forms which are suitable for all types of artists: tentakitsune (anthro or humanoid), a human disguise, an octopus form, and a fox form

We're most active on Discord and talk regularly with special commission, trade, and gift opportunities. We also encourage forming links between characters!

species masterlist + species rules + trait guidef.a.q.

toyhouse world + discord

Posting as Polybius since he has the most art currently along with a written work!
Featured tentakitsunes are Declan and his boyfriend Colgate


I love this species idea! ^^ Will you be posting updates here, or in bulletins? (I'd like to follow the species and eventually get one.)


RyuWarrior ill be posting updates in bulletins! i think trying to maintain a thread would end up being a little much for me lol. once i have the time to ill start on the raffles between owed art and stuff

Apothecary im glad that you like them!! c:


added a picture to the thread wooo   

small updates added to the google docs as well:

  • general neatness, also the font is 12 now for better reading
  • replaced graces ref with shilohs bc better, and linked their profiles as lore reps
  • added a trivia section for when im feelin inspired
    • one fact added: baby tentakitsunes are called tentakits
  • added a banned trait section
    • only thing on there is animal traits (like fox/cat/etc ears)
if theres any questions, feel free to ask!

aaa i missed a chance for an myo slot asdakldsa
this look so cool!


Yerzy im glad you like them!! and slots will be available on the first of every month in case you still happen to be interested by then! c:


birthday aaaaa ill keep an eye then! *u* thank you!




Love these. Too bad I don't have a DeviantArt Account.


Bostonteaparty you dont have to have a deviantart to join the raffle if youd like to! you can let me know who youd like to enter for and ill post on your behalf so you can have a number for them ^^


tomorrow, november 27th at 6pm EST, the free tentakitsune raffle ends!!

on december 1st (my birthday!) i will be selling 9 tentakitsune myo slots for $10 each, and then some time after then i will be selling regular adopts!


Totally forgot to enter XD


raffle ends tonight at 6pm est!! c:


Hello! Can I enter for #2 and #4? Thank you!

Edit : Thanks!!


Piyuem of course! your numbers are #14 and #26 respectively <3