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Mysterious beings from another world
CS by verfeuern
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Stelengel are an alien species, spawning from a mysterious obelisk that crashed onto Earth some years ago. Without memory of where they came from, these beings now must assimilate with humanity as best they can. Armed with unique abilities and varied traits, Stelengel are as powerful as they are mystifying.


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I am slowly planning a (extended) launch event for the Stelengel,  both to raise awareness of the species, and to encourage activity within  the species :>
So I will be seeking digital artists interested in drawing between 1-3 one-off, fullbody designs!

The goal is to find:
Auction Designs: 5-8
Giveaway Designs: 2-4
Flatsale Designs: Any

1. Any artists involved will receive 100% of proceeds from any designs they sell! They will also get an optional rare-trait MYO for personal use, or a friend.
2. Digital artists only, please! Designs should be, at minimum, lined and flat colored.
3. An exact timeline has not been set, but you'll have at least a month (30 days) to complete your design(s).
4. Designs  will be uploaded to my account, but can also be uploaded to the  artist's with a link to the main submission for bidding/claiming.

To apply, please fill out the provided form below, and PM me with the subject: "STELENGEL GA APPLICATION"
Your Name:
Number of Designs You can Complete:
Type of Designs: (Auction, Giveaway, Flatsale, or no preference?)
Samples of your work: (please include 3-5 relevant samples)

I will note those who are selected to participate for additional details and discussion!

12/20/18 - Seeking guest artists! For more info, check out the info above or read this deviantart journal!
12/1/18 - OTA added!
11/30/18 - The deviantart group is live! Well, it was before, but now its a bit more official. Still a WIP, but now has info and the like!
11/27/18- Updated links to info sheets to link to the DA submissions instead of just the images....might be some useful info there :'> 
Also added a link to the Stelengel group on DA!
11/24/18 - New batch of four up! One has been sold already, but there's also a free raffle! You can comment here or PM me to be entered into the raffle! It ends in 72 hours.
11/20/18 - MYO slots were filled faster than lightning! They are closed for now /
11/19/18- Thread is launched! This will be the permanent HQ for all things Stelengel on Toyhou.se If you have any questions, feel free to ask below! 
In the next day or so, a free MYO giveaway will begin!
Added body traits sheet and myo giveaway event!

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Thank you! I was definitely not expecting them to fill so quickly haha so I'm very flattered :> Same, can't wait to see what y'all come up with!



Just to check in,, did I get a slot? Sorry for being unclear before;

If I didn’t, it’s still fine tho :>


Oh yepp, in my last reply I asked for your deviantart username :>



Oh, It's the same as my toyhouse acc username! I just didn't really put anything on it yet haha;;


Yoaisami Okay you're all set! 


New batch of adopts up! 2/3 are available for sale. There is additionally one for free raffle! (Solstice)
You can comment here or PM me to enter the raffle :> It ends up 72 hours (November 27th)


Ahh these look really cool and unique! ú w ù
I’d like to be entered into the free raffle please!


I'd love to join the raffle !! <3


The raffle is over and a winner for Solstice has been chosen!
In other news, the deviantart group Stelengel-Hub is now a bit more official and has lots of fun info to peruse.


OTA added!

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New OTA added on DeviantART!