[17+] ARPG Startup (Need Mods And Help!)

Posted 8 days, 1 hour ago (Edited 8 days, 1 hour ago) by strawvery


Chime'ra-Gates is a 17+ ARPG featuring hard topics like gore and violence.

Chime'ra, known as hellhounds, are two-headed monstrosities that guard each court of hell as lesser demons. They are tall, bi-pedal canines with large, puffy paws, and are distinctively two-headed. Chime'ra are created from the memories and personality of a perished sinful human, and each reflect a court of Sheol themselves. This is a character, art, and story improvement based ARPG where you can develop your character with very few hard limits. Join in the competition of the Coliseum Of Flames, battling to earn your way onto the leaderboard, and defeat the Gatekeepers of each Court of Sheol so that you can challenge the Archdevil. Reap Souls so that your chime'ra can unlock new benefits, such as being able to apply appearance improving items and gain additional ability slots. Chimera-Gates features a Discord server, the first of it's kind in ARPG groups to have an 18+ server allowing general NSFW and political themes serverwide (although specific sub-channels exist for both of these for more in-depth discussion.)

This is an ARPG in progress and currently only me and my boyfriend are working on it, but this is where I need more help. The group will need moderators, adoptable designers, artists(drawers, digital media/graphic design, coders, and writers), as well as potential beta members. There's a lot of work left to do and I won't be able to get it all done on my own. The only requirements that I ask are that you be 18+ and have a Deviantart (as this is where the group is located) and Discord, so don't hesitate to let me know if you're interested! There is re-embursement depending on position.

My own Discord is Эрик#6390! Feel free to contact me here, I'd be glad to talk to anyone about my project.

There is re-embursement depending on position. If you become a mod or group artist, you'll be rewarded with a MYO and in-game items and rewards. If you become a species adoptable seller, you'll receive half the sell/auction price. I am willing to pay for services for group art, coding, etc. out of pocket as well, but you would not be an official moderator and this would be at my discretion to decide if I'll hire you or not based on what the group needs.