Event Closed! Thank you! [Valtoleo]

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tfw you didnt know toyhouse had forums somehow


Hello! Welcome to the very first event for Valtoleos!

This is the first event of hopefully several, and an effort to generate interest in Valtoleos!

This event will run from February 22, 2019 to March 22, 2019!

Participating in this event gets you access to the first exclusive feature being offered: the "Munchkin" trait!

What is a Valtoleo?

A Valtoleo is a feline species based on lions with features from gorillas and horses. To learn more, please visit the Species Overview!

"Semi-Open" Species?

Valtoleos are a semi-open species, meaning you can make your own whenever you like, in accordance to the creation guidelines, which are covered in the Terms of Use.

What is this event for?

This event is to introduce the very first exclusive feature, called the "Munchkin" trait! Munchkin Valtoleos are a specialized domestic-bred subspecies, like munchkin cats or dwarf horses, that came from a mutation. They were bred to be animal companions. They display all usual Valtoleo characteristics, but they are a quarter of the size. Because of this, they are also known as "Dwarf Valtoleos". Their features are shorter and rounder than regular Valtoleos, often resembling large cubs. Regular Valtoleos measure usually 4 to 6 feet at the shoulder, depending on what sort of habitat they originate from. Munchkin Valtoleos do not grow larger than 2 to 2.5 feet tall at the shoulder.


How do I claim the exclusive feature?

Just a few simple steps!

  1. Join up at the ValtoleoDatabase as a member! Request to join are automatically accepted. This is optional for those here on Toyhouse who are leery of dA, I completely understand.
  2. Comment here with your interest in getting access to the Munchkin trait. You will get a confirmation message from me along with your Valtoleo ID number!
  3. Create your Valtoleo following the Characteristics Sheet, submit it, and comment/PM with a link to your Valtoleo! Be sure to include the ID number and proof of confirmation in their description. Listing the traits of your Valtoleo is appreciated, but not necessary.
  4. That's it! Enjoy your new Valtoleo!

Blank Bases


And that's it!

There is no deadline for submission, just for claiming the exclusive feature. So long as you have a link back or screenshot of proof that you have access to the Munchkin feature, you can submit your Valtoleo whenever you like! Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or suggestions about the event or about Valtoleos, please let me know! I would be happy to answer anything! 

If you are on dA, I would be eternally grateful if you could submit to the ValtoleoDatabase when you are finished. However, this is not requried. The database is simply a way for me to keep track of who owns a Valtoleo. If you give away or sell your Valtoleo, please update me with the new owner, so I can keep track! 

Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing new Valtoleos!


I already commented for mine on dA but just for record keeping I'm posting here too 



1 munchkin please!


Katthekit Sure thing! Your Valtoleo will be ID number 08, with the munchkin trait!


Wow! I want one!


Artisterna Of course! Your Valtoleo will be ID #09, with the munchkin trait, if you want it!