Weekly Design Challenge W4(on hold)

Posted 7 months, 5 days ago (Edited 5 months, 26 days ago) by Astelle Azabelle

(Currently on hold. Things are busy! Will get back to this soon)

I’m going to be hosting a weekly design challenge! This is for fun so don’t feel threatened. You don’t have to join every week and I’ll be doing some of the challenges myself! 


.You do not have to participate every week! 

.please be kind to each other

.please follow the themes! If you don’t follow the themes there aren’t any penalties but it’s the point of the challenge. 

.you can post designs late just make sure you put the week number on your form when you post so I can keep track.

.any art medium/art skill level is welcome

.any species is welcome

.you can make as many designs as you want for the weekly theme but please try not to flood the thread.

.please post using the form

.the bonus challenge isn’t necessary to follow but just an extra added challenge

.convos are okay. You may talk to each other even when not posting designs. Compliments are very welcome! 

.you may sell/trade/give away any designs you make for this challenge and I will keep track of them under spoilers in the main post. One a design is claimed by somebody please let me know. If you are claiming/buying a design please contact the creator.

When you post your design please post using this sheet:

Design week #:

My design:


The status means you list whether or not the character is NFT/NFS, for Sale (price), for trade, or a freebie. Please be specific! I will add your design to a list under spoilers so everybody can see them. Contact me if your design has been bought/claimed or if you want your design taken down for any reason.

Past Challenges

Week #1: Nature/plants Primary color: purple Challenge: don’t use roses

Week #2: River/ocean life Primary color: pink/red challenge Challenge: No traditional mermaids

Week #3: Robot/cyborg/Android, primary color: blue, bonus challenge: use a different tool/brush/medium

For Sale/trade


Week # 4:

Theme- chocolate desserts/candy

Primary color- Any

Bonus challenge- use a different flavor other than just milk chocolate (mint choc., strawberry-filled, white choc.,)


ooh, this is a cool idea! I tried something kinda silly based on the persian shield plant//

Design week #: 1

My design: 11595512_FCJk0G9UZGOXSDl.png

Status: Available for trade if anyone’s interested ;u;


ooo, nice idea! I will join some when I have time haha

hopefully it'll give me some much needed motivation TuT



Wow nice design! I absolutely love them :D thank you for being the first to join I’ll add yours to the trade list as soon as I get time to update.


Thank you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I hope it motivates you as well, good luck! 


Design Week #1

My Design:


Status: Up for trade

This character is based off of a purple wysteria. They are a tiny flower nymph who is just a few inches tall!


I was wondering if the new design theme is up? I believe I have some time over the next few days! :D




Not yet according to the post it’s only been 6 days. But you can always post your design late if you’d like to start this one or I can ping you when the next challenge is up tomorrow



Oh, whoops!

Please do ping me! I did design a lavender child sometime last friday but I threw it in the trash when I ruined it with color ahah ;v;


Design week #: 1

My design:


Status: Freebie ^-^



Oh I love your design!! Thank you for joining! As soon as I get home I’ll add yours to the main post.


Oh no :( I will definitely ping you for the next challenge. I’m sorry you couldn’t post up your lavender design! I’m looking forward to what you come up with for week 2!


Oh this is such a cool idea!! Please ping me once week 2 is up



Sure thing :D


Design week #: 1

My design: 


Status: I'm willing to sell for 15 USD but if noone wants this design, I will gladly keep it.

I based this creature off of a purple allium. It stands at 9,3" and weighs over 800lbs


Design week #: 1

My design:


Status: NFT/NFS

The flowers aren't specific. Plumeria, maybe?


Design week #: Week #1

My design: https://toyhou.se/3407470.weekly-challenge-20-trade- (Image was really big so I thought it was better to upload them ;w; Hope thats okay!)

Status: Sell for 20$ or Trade

This was really fun to do! I couldn't really...Tell you what kind of flowers I picked but regardless I hope it's alright!! <3


UPDATE: Sale changed to $11

Design week #: Week 1

My design: Profile Link

Status: For Trade or Sale for $11