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i beg u,,,, please make sure your references do not have obscuring watermarks on them prior to getting a commission,,, i cannot See :(


01/07/2022Β we in business againΒ 

10/21/2021Β bruh i gotta pay bills turns out. yall comm me a little bit on the kofi

10/08/2021Β out of slots buddy check back next month o/Β 

10/01/2021Β we open for a week, i got 10 slots, yall hit me up, you can use my kofi to comm me: https://ko-fi.com/lechet

09/09/2021Β shits closed until october 1st, thank you guys! subscribe to the thread or ask me to ping you whenever im open if you want

09/06/2021Β hey im closing commissions on wednesday the 8th! they're gonna be closed until the first of october!

08/11/2021Β my old laptop i keep at work so i can draw at work finally fucked up and i have lost Photoshop on it. still got sai. just cant animate at work now. coming along slowly lads.

07/25/2021Β i managed to pay one whole bill from commission money. this is the Big Leagues. it was only a $48 credit card bill but still.

06/17/2021Β fixed my ko-fi up a bit. im in the process of moving my bases over to it and i got commissions up on it if you wanna pay through ko-fi (paypal or stripe)

05/24/2021Β absolutely obsessing over cats (1998) at the moment it figures i would get randomly fixated on some shit like this.Β 

05/14/2021Β my tablet pen arrived! back in business baby $$$Β 

05/12/2021Β MY tablet pen is,,, being held hostage in a customs center in Cincinnati. im trying to shit out art w/ this broken old tablet pen ive got but its so frustrating i want to cry. it like doesnt register whenever you move it away like it'll still keep drawing even if the pen is an inch and a half away from the tablet. and it'll completely lock up the art program like i'll have to just move my pen completely away and use the mouse on the program to get it to go back to registering any sort of input. it makes it so hard to do anything and im losing my mind. pls give me my pen, cincinnati.Β 

05/06/2021Β fucked up and lost my good tablet pen. i've ordered a new one and im gonna try to draw with what i got -- old broken ass pen. new one should get here *checks notes* may 13th? maybe? from japan. 'cos i got an old tablet. ancient.Β 

ALSO I LOST that chargeback despite having DONE THE ART so im thinking about stop taking paypal, maybe idk if theres anything else. paypal deadass said "digital services arent covered so anyone can do a chargeback and win" so fuck em. also gotta pay $20 for them doing a chargeback. Β 

04/14/2021Β yever just be sittin contemplatin ya life,,, like,,,, i need a new job,,, i sure would like some healthcare. why dont i get job benefits,,, the Hard Hitting Questions this morning

03/31/2021Β my youngest baby got attacked by a dog so i've been dealing with that

03/25/2021Β stimmy didn't go far y'all

03/17/2021Β been hyper busy with work all week and exhausted,,, pls bare with me

03/02/2021Β my hotel is having their first virtual audit and im a very stressed lech

02/23/2021Β having a 50x50 pixel icon raffle over on Deviantart pls enter for potential free artΒ 

02/17/2021 my car is,,, not starting,, and im working super long hours this week at the hotel, so im a bit,,, discombobulated. bare w/ me pls

02/11/2021 the entire east side of my hotel got flooded today. i wanna die. i've been up here since 5am and its very squishy

01/08/2021 bruh league dropped the new Ruined King lad, strong dante vibes

01/07/2021 i have purchased a new computer. it is a desktop. its a little shitty one that needs At Least another stick of ram. but itll do. art-wise, trello seems to be working out.

01/05/2021 Added a TrelloΒ queue. idk if I'm going to keep up with it but I'm gonna try using it.

01/05/2021 workin on the thread a bit

01/01/2021 hap new year

tumblr_pz8nm2CrA71sst583o1_500.png a859dcedd7309fe26f19a01c6b6f93f97e878296 tumblr_pz12kbVLko1sst583o4_500.png 923e59389421961aa3573179971f56f0fa988c7b def1y6o-389ca388-12ed-41bc-a27e-5aecabe7 ddibgw2-737d712f-818e-444e-bb59-c8f72a82
Chibi Heads


Emote Icons


Smol Pixel Headshots
50x50 w/ Background











Pixel Icons 50x50

Headshots - $12.00
Fullbodies - $15.00
(animation: +$4.00)


Pixel Icons 100x50

(animation: +$5.00)

deg5qls-a856f14f-e563-4535-87b7-15917f7a tea2_1.png augustus.png

Lined & Colored Busts


Square Box Icons


27293229_hg4eOtfEokZ9LOq.png cc76252e8d156224f1a7fad4d01a0a0d56f669fb
b62fc695ea491ebdcc6f801b72a03c188fac5cff dehlwto-7d26dcf8-cb30-44da-ae6e-6b0ea8c0 demjslj-7aee52fd-8795-4364-ba78-385ab651
Binary Fullbodies


PWYW Grab Bags
Pay any amountΒ of $$$ USDΒ 
and get a random piece of art. Β Includes things like:
Sketches, Chibis, Pixels,
Icons, Full-bodies, etc

web page counters free




ooo can I get $6 (pixel) icon for my new sona: https://toyhou.se/8080052.my-left-shoe ?


Do you do couple icons? c:


Ayla8037 I can!


Lechet could I friend request you on Discord to talk about it? ^^


Trying a cute grab bag ~ ! <3