Traditional Commissions ($3-$20)!!

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Hello! I am opening commissions on here. I mainly accept US dollars (over PayPal), but also feel free to offer characters or art trades instead. Look at my favorites to see what I'm interested in!!

I'll give you my PayPal when I am commissioned, and won't start working on it until the payment is sent! A commissioned drawing will be finished and sent to you within 3 weeks. I will let you know if it will take longer.

When commissioning me, PLEASE tell me the pose/expression you have in mind for the character you want me to draw! If you just want me to be creative with it, at least tell me the personality of the character to help me out. I don't want to accidentally draw a really grumpy character looking happy, or something similar.

I don't do digital artwork, only traditional.
Note that I will not be shipping the traditional art to you, you will only receive a picture of the finished product.
Reference picture(s) required for the character(s) you want me to draw.

Examples Of My Art

Examples can be found on my deviantart

-Canines and felines (ask about other animals)
-Some anthros/furries (canines and felines, ask me about other animals)
-Any genders & sexes
-Your OCs
-Characters from a show/book/comic/etc.
-Nudity from the waist-up
-Feel free to ask if you have something specific!

-Nudity from the waist-down
-If I don't think I can draw it well, I will tell you before you pay me!


Sketch $3
Color $6
Additional character +$3

Sketch $8
Color $12
Additional character +$8

Sketch $10
Color $20
Additional character +$10

Contact Me:

If, for whatever reason, you don't want to contact me here, these are other options.

Discord: lilax#6026
Main Twitter: @LilaxSong (This account is sometimes locked, just request to follow/DM.)
Art Twitter: @lilaxdraws

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