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Hello there!

I haven't had my account long and always on it but yeah...

I don't have a lot of art on here mainly just characters without art, but would anyone be willing to draw any of my characters? (any maybe even design the ones without a basic design, I give you some details about them and you can design them from there on out)

Mainly ones from these folders: 

Mainly ones with less art





Fairy Tail

Fire Emblem

Food Wars



One Piece

Owari no Seraph


Shikamaru High

Touken Ranbu


Radiant Magic

Seiko Academy



Fusion Town


- Couple Art! I would love art of my ships!

- Different clothing art (my characters in other clothing styles other then their main outfit)

- NSFW (for the characters that's over 18 years of age only)

- Gore and Blood (Heavy; My Creepypasta OCs Only ; but other non heavy gore and blood is allowed for the rest of them - like if they got hurt in a fight or something but no death-like ones etc.)

- Ask?

Not Allowed:

- NSFW (for characters younger then 18 years of age)

- Heavy Gore and Blood (for my characters that are small or well children I suppose but blood is fine as long as their just cuts or something but no major gore and death-like pictures for them)

- Ask?


Um Hello?

So bored.... *yawns*