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Hello there!

I haven't had my account like that super long but i'm always on it but yeah...

I don't have a lot of art on here mainly just characters without art/designs, but would anyone be willing to draw any of my characters please? Well if you want / have time or whatever...

Mainly ones from these folders: 

Mainly ones with less art




Fairy Tail 


One Piece 

Tokyo Mew Mew

Persona (Japanese Game/Anime Series - Shin Megami Tensei and Persona Series are a spin-off of it)

Hypnosis Mic (Currently getting them picture!/designs!)

Show by Rock!!


- Character Designs for characters that don't have a design (just pick out a character or whatever and then just ask me some simple questions like say their hair color, eye color, skin color, anything else etc.) if you want to design a character for me that don't have a design yet...

- Couple Art! I would love art of my ships!

- Different clothing art (my characters in other clothing styles other then their main outfit)

- NSFW (for the characters that's over 18 years of age only)

- Ask?

Not Allowed:

- NSFW (for characters younger then 18 years of age)

- Heavy Gore and Blood (for my characters that are small or well children I suppose but blood is fine as long as their just cuts or something but no major gore and death-like pictures for them)

- Ask?


Um Hello?

So bored.... *yawns*




Examples of My Art

And in case youre wondering what i will and will not draw:

Will Draw: headshots of Humans, Kemonomimis, basic fantasy/supernatural creatures (like elves or vampires), and furries*. I can also draw pokemon, Animals, Ferals, and MLP characters (im not a part of the fandom. But i will draw them)

*=i dont draw furries like This. As in ones with muzzles that extend from the face forward. I prefer flat faced furries. 

Wont Draw: NSFW (im a minor according to the site, cuz im 17.), Heavy gore, (im okay with maybe a little blood or a scar, but if its something like an eye socket outside of the head and his face is disfigured, thats a no), braided hair, (im still new to drawing hair, so im gonna be working my way up for now), hats or any major head accesory

thats about it.


God that took a while to type out



Okay gotcha. I read through everything and looked at everything. Well most of my characters are humans (minus most of my dnd characters and my show by rock ocs whom in Myumon form well aren't furries but called Myumons which come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and types from (dogs, cats, bats, snakes, birds, bears, yokai (such as tengu, kirin, zashiki warashi, yeti, Dracula etc.) cyber-like, mountains, aliens (alien sheep, space otter), unicorns, sea spirits etc.)





Really? Well if you want to take a look at them, go ahead (Though tbh for my show by rock ones I only have two that has a design while the rest don't have a picture yet) and oh for my bnha characters some may not look human but they are indeed human but because of their powers called "Quirks" they just don't look like it cause of what their "Quirks" is or how they were born (like a mutant type or a mutation which is part of their body itself not the "quirk"