[UPDATE] January Log

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*Copied & Pasted from dA*

Nothing much for me to stay but trying to get things updated for InkMates. I've been facing a terrible block from creating from the Holidays (I got sick and had to move around a lot (going to fam and working)). @_@ But, here is what to expect! New year always means updating what I can!

♦ InkMate Toyhou.se World — Open For All

  • https://toyhou.se/~world/6498.inkmate-catalog
  • Everyone is allowed to join since I will be focusing all my efforts to be active on Toyhou.se. 
  • Please leave a message when joining saying you're apart of the current dA group or had always an interest in InkMates.
    • If you are an owner (even with an unused MYO slot), I'll know who you are so don't need to leave a message with the join request.
  • Blank member entries will be denied!
  • Don't have a Toyhou.se? Just ask, I can provide a code. : )

♦ Front Page Update 

  • A lot of links are outdated on the front page. 
  • I'll also organize and rewrite descriptions.

♦ T.o.S Update — Amendments Incoming...

  • These will be active from me posting. I just need to amend them into the T.o.S.
  • T.o.S Will be Found on the Weebly — http://inkmatecatalog.weebly.com/tos.html
  • Amendments:
    • InkMate Ownership Increase: You may own up to 22 InkMates (that's one full matriarch pack*!)
    • Co-Ownership is No Longer Accepted: Current co-ownerships are here to stay, but new ones cannot be formed. 
    • Updating Trading Rules: Going over vouchers/exchanging for merchandise/eGiftcards/etc.
    • General Updates such as fixing wording and time stamps.

♦ Trait & Guide Sheets Updates — I Hope...

  • With the expansion of lore and world-building, some things need to be updated.
  • All-in-One trait sheet will be made to avoid further confusion (sorry for my shitty 39267896 pages before).
    • Color Chart — HUGE UPDATE: Addition of NEW colors, Discontinuing a Few Colors, and some Re-organization!
    • Traits:
      • Tail Tips will be moved around into different rarity categories (so some uncommon may become rare instead, etc).
      • Fleshing out some other things for InkMate traits in general!
    • Adding a better key-point visual when creating InkMates (my MYO guide is HELLA confusing apparently).
    • A/B/O Sub-Type Rarity - However not a rarity I enforce just for world building purposes!

♦ Lore Updates — Slowing Being Pooped Out...

  • Current: Origin Lore — RELEASED for awhile now!
  • In-Process: InkMate A/B/O-Verse Details (Open for Group Member Viewing - Find in Toyhou.se)
  • Incoming:
    • Extensive Ink Details -> Intro Written
      • Included: Types and Effects 
    • Activate Form Details -> Thinking...
      • Includes: Cooperative Eye Hypothesis w/ InkMates -> Rough Needs to Be Written
        • Talks about why InkMates in activate form, their ink pigments their white sceleras. 
    • Diet Details -> Everything Written -> Process of Refining
    • *Matriarch Pack Details -> Most Written Out
  • Miscellaneous Information:
    • InkMate Omega Slave Trade -> One of my InkMate's Backstory so you learn about it anyway~
    • InkMate Ink Festivals -> I have ideas from when writing about Ruben, need to write more extensive about it!
  • Suggestions on what you want to learn about?

♦ Ownerlist Updates — Slowly Updating...

  • I just want to thank those who are keeping up with informing me change of ownership when I been busy to update myself.
  • I'll get back onto updating it so it's up to date. ; v; Please be patient as always!
  • I don't know if I'll be using the journal masterlist much anymore. 
  • I'll make a new system of how to update me of change of ownership - probably on Toyhou.se World!

♦ Incoming Clearances of Designs

  • Corn Warrior #18 + Afro Uncle #46 -> WTA (write some funnies to win them)
  • Guest Design by @Tesvp #30 + Gothic Punk Bro #47 -> Free Raffle
  • Hot Dad #49 + Questionable Uncle #50 + InkPop Wild Type #37 -> Reduced Price
  • I will be posting deviations/journals to prompt their clearances.

♦ Posting New Designs on TH

  • I have some cheap random sketched InkMates I drew for practice. Nothing fancy. $20 ea. (Designs on my Art Twitter)
  • I'll probably be making cheap random InkMates from now on unless I feel really into wanting to make refined ones now.
  • I'll be posting them sometime today on TH on a bulletin on my account (sonyaism) + thread in the trading marketplace.
I think that wraps up this huge update! o _o;;
I'm trying to update stuff for dA before I leave and just stay on TH.
However, I do have unfinished business with waiting on art from people on here so I may be on her and there...just not often.

>>sonyaism ♥


As of February 1st, 2017...

  • Finished InkMate Clearance Designs
  • New Designs Have Been Posted on TH + Chart Designs Too
  • Color Chart Rehauled 75% (Still Need Fairy Ink Coloration)
  • New Owner List on TH World

Next To Tackle Off This List...

  • Update Weebly HARDCORE
    • Masterlist - Update Ownership + Add New Designs
    • Fix the T.o.S
  • Pooping Out Some More Lore