Slime Time

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Chapter 1
Published 2 years, 10 days ago

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Day / Light

“Alphonse, make sure to be careful when lifting rocks, you don't know if they could be lurking under the rocks you are lifting. You may accidentally squish the very things we’re trying to find, then you’ll feel quite bad.” Raising his hand to shield his face as he looked a bit in the distance to his dragon who was off prancing around and lifting rocks, Gerold was sent out in the blinding sunny day to find these slimes that had apparently exploded and escaped to the great wilderness during an accident in a lab. In honesty, it didn’t really interest Gerold, but he supposed it gave Alphonse time to interact with others they might come across while traveling and have him out and about. The earth dragon did like that after all.

It also gave him time to hang out with his distraught wife dragon who had recently lost a rider and needed all the help she could keeping her mind off of that situation. Gerold didn’t mind taking care of her for now, letting the young one try and mend his broken heart and do what he thought was best. He wasn’t sure the path Ryou chose was the right one, but it was the one that he wanted to take and set himself off to do

“Understood Gerold! I shall be more careful with the rocks!” Setting the large boulder sized rock back down, but more gently then the previous one that jumped and left a few holes, he was lifting up another when a pink slime with the cutest face came out, making the biggest eyes as they staring up at Alphonse. Noticing the glimmer in the light, Gerold came over to gently coo and scoop up the adorable slime.

“There there, we got you, come along  now pretty darling.” Gerold cooed, letting Al set the rock down before letting him reach out his little arms to touch the slime, so happy to have found the first one.

Swishing the ball on her tail from side to side, Isabella was currently trying to claw her way up a tree. The sun was a bit too bright for her taste as it shone brilliantly across the sky as well. At points having to close her eyes as she tried to climb the tree and huff at hopefully the right spot.

She had taken off from the ship that left her feeling so down to the nice gentlemanly dragon and their rider that talked at her sweet enough to remind her of her missing one. She adored Ryou, but they were about as much of a mess as she was at the moment, not wanting to sit around moping long with the others.

"Come down! It's okay!" she called up to the highest branch. Something spikey, yellow, and most importantly slimy, was at the top of the tree just waiting for her to come up there and get it. Her smaller bear-like paws weren't the best match with raptor talons when it came to tree climbing though. Oh how she wished she had bear feet as well at the moment. Only briefly, because that sounded like quite the odd sight that she didn't want the pretty bubble dinosaur to see.

The slime merely babbled at her at first, making all sorts of noises that separate, sort of sounded like they might be from a language, but together, were all garbled up. "Awe common, we can play bunches with the others if you come down!" she tried, flailing her paws around. Something she didn't think would work at first, but before she knew it, the slime was leaping into the air, gravity bringing it right back down into her arms as she blinked at it. "Ahaha, yay! Let's go! Gerold, Alphonse look!"