[CC] Grand Display: Alphonse & Teoxihuitl

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2 years, 3 months ago
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Chapter 2
Published 2 years, 3 months ago

Dragons must undergo thorough courtship traditions before others will be interested in breeding with them. The Grand Display pushes their skills to the limit, ensuring only the finest of Dragons will go on to breed. Each element has their own traditions to impress others of their kind, though this same practice can dissuade their opposing element from breeding. Regardless of this, achieving their own element’s Grand Display is a dream of every growing dragon, and they are eager to enter into the ceremony as soon as permitted.

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Author's Notes

Show your dragon traveling outside of their normal terrain (in example, if they are a Storm dragon, they could travel through a desert. there should be no sandstorms or anything that would make it cozier for them.). Another dragon from another player of the terrain’s element that has already completed their Grand Display must accompany the dragon.

Flexibility Trial

The ocean was ice cold, freezing almost, so cold that the surface of the water had large swathes of ice, and.. it was impossible to tell how deep the ice went beneath the waters surface; snow fell slowly, coating the above surface in a white coat..... though it melted as it touched the waters edge. Teoxihuitl and Alphonse stood side by side as, the tips of their feet touching the ice cold water; sharing what little warmth they had. Alphonse was not normally too bothered by water, but... this was the ocean, and freezing cold as well; and he could feel Teo's nervousness, not only was the other male earth, he was also metal... though... Teo's challenge was not the water itself... but the ice above it, storm elements...

A shadow descended, the bright green, white and red avian floated easily above them. "You'll both be fine." Tehvah reassured them, beyond her a head broke the surface of the icy waters, the drake said nothing, but his presence alone was soothing; and his size. Alphonse, butted Teo a moment before slipping into the waters, yelping as the cold bit through his hide, his breath white in the cold air. He stopped before going too deep, blowing some bubbles to help calm himself as Kuro descended; but it was only a moment, he knew he needed to start moving, before the cold bit too deep and he got drowzy. Taking a breath he lunged into the water, just working on keeping his head above water at first; and then slowly heading out, watching as Kuro surfaced beyond him, paddling furiously as he made his way to the older drake, who seemed perfectly content with the icy waters.

Teo shivered as Al slipped into the water, the warmth leaving him, shaking himself he tried to warm up .... and nodded at Tehvah above, the female drifting out over the ice covered ocean, the snow caressing her body as she moved, at ease in the cold air. Teo walked along the egde of the beach, the yellow sands nowhere in sight, instead it was a winter wonderland; shivering he glanced at the ice bridge beyond, oh he wanted to be back at the cenote, nice and warm. His first steps onto the ice were slow, far slower than he normally went, his claws digging into the ice as he moved his entire weight onto the white sheet, the scythe wings flaring almost instinctively, not that they'd help much if things went wrong. Another step, and another, his claws scratching the icy surface, though within a few moments the marks were gone, hidden by the snow that was falling, becoming heavier as Tehvah watched the slow progress.

Kuro narrowed his eyes as the brown dragon continued to move towards him, his mane already freezing in the cold conditions, the paddling intensity was more than it should be, but he said nothing, slipping back towards shore, and waiting for Alphonse to turn, to head back to him, and then towards shore.

Tehvah glanced over at the other two dragons, confident the male had everything under control, before returning her focus to Teo, who was now beginning to pace over the ice bridge quicker,... at that moment a crack sounded and Teo froze, Tehvah waited, she knew it was coming, if needed she would interfere, but for now she watched.

Alphonse saw Kuro move, and he turned using his tail to steer him, beyond he heard Teo yelp, but he coudn't spare a look to the other male, his concentration just on getting back to Kuro.

Teo heard the crack and froze, feeling the ice shift beneath him as he yelped, no longer thinking he started running, going backwards was impossible the ice bridge shattering behind... but there was no where to go, so Teo jumped, scrabbling to gain purchase on the ice sheet beyond, again a crack sounded and he reacted leaping (as best and earth/metal hybrid could) from ice chunk to ice chunk, vaguely aware of Tehvah above him. Finally he landed on the white covered sands, his chest heaving as he watched the ice shatter and break; Tehvah landed next to him, holding a wing out and letting him warm up, crooning gently.

Alphonse could feel his lungs burning as Kuro moved back towards shore, he was almost there, even with the disturbances of the water. Finally his feet touched ground and he dragged himself out of the water, despite how cold he was, he turned to Kuro and thanked him.. before heading to Teo and Tehvah, pressing against both of them for warmth.......

One trial left.....

Author's Notes

WC: 774
Terrain: Ocean/Storm
Alphonse with companion Kuraokami
Teoxihuitl with companion Tehvah