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Chapter 1
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A collection of stories around the Den items linked with Isa and his home the forest cave.

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Author's Notes

Depict two dragons in a romantic scene at a watery feature of the Den. If the dragons share an element, you receive a ‘Pure Bead’ item which guarantees a majority of purebreds in a clutch. If the dragons share no elements, you receive a ‘Crystal Bead’ item which guarantees a majority of crossbreeds in a clutch. Include the ID of the companion when turning in the art.

Hot Springs #1

Aura hummed happily, slipping into the warm, cozy waters of the hot spings, it had been an interesting discovery to realize that the forest cave her rider called home led to an underground hot spring; though it had taken her and the other dragons a few days to 'dig' out the opening, but once that was done they all had access to it. The walls near the exit were covered with ancient roots of the forest beyond the caves grasp, many of the stones covered with a moss that thrived in the humid and dark environment, and newer, bioluminescent plant life that clung to the walls (mostly out of reach of hungry dragons) that gently lit up the hotsprings in a welcoming light, sufficient for those who were not as comfortable in the dark as the dragons of that element and her rider. She closed her eyes for a moment, absorbing the warmth, and relaxing.

Yuki crept through the cave (well... it was more a tiny shaft than an actual cave), he'd found the hole beyond in the forest, and not only could he hear water beyond, but he could feel it with his earth sense, and while he admitted to not been as 'explorative' as his half sibling, he was still curious.... His ears twitched as he felt a shift in the air, and angled himself, the narrow passage constricting further.... if he'd been more skilled with his magic he might of manipulated it... but he wasn't and had no wish to collapse the whole area. Finally spotting a very faint light up ahead he crept closer... all but tumbling out and onto something round and squishy.... before warm water surrounded him, spluttering, he started to panic..... splashing around as water closed over his head.

Isa rolled towards the springs, amused that it had been under its den the entire time, but the stilla also knew that all of the dragons had taken to it, even the deepest part only came up to Aura's shoulders, so all the small dragons felt safe. "Morning Ra-nya." It commented, hopping into the cavern, chortling as Aura's eyes opened slightly, the gentle light flickering back at him as she yawned. Isa peered into the water, readying itself to 'cannonball' into it, when something landed on it, startled, Isa rolled into the waters, aware of splashing as the small furred pale blue dragon started panicking, the warm waters churning. It took only a moment for Isa to resurface, its startlement turning to worry as the other strange dragon struggled. "Ra-nya"

Aura had been drowsing... even the greetings from her rider didn't stir her beyond acknowledging it... but the struggling and now drowning strange dragon did, Isa she knew would be fine; waking fully at Isa's call she surged into the waters, ducking under and gently grabbing hold of the wyvern lifting him above the waters. "Breathe slowly." She said, pacing towards the shallows; later they could ask what he was doing here now though, she was worried he'd swallowed some waters, Isa bobbed in the waters nearby as the young dragon coughed a few more times, his eyes blinking as he calmed somewhat, Aura continued to rub his back careful as always of her sharp scales.

Yuki panted, he could swim, almost all dragons in the cenote could, but he hadn't been expecting to fall into a hot spring, or for it to be occupied. "T-thank you." He breathed, blinking again as the female continued to stroke his back. His attention turned to the small blob. "I didn't mean to fall on you." He said, blinking as the cat like blob grinned at him, then again his own rider shifted from at will... "No worries-nya. I wasn't expecting company-nya, but you're welcome to stay a bit-nya." It said, rolling back into the waters... and bobbing along happily. Yuki smiled shyly at the larger female. "I'm Yuki.. i was errr.. exploring when i heard water bubbling." He offered, the female smiled at him gently. "I'm Aura, my rider there is Isa." She chuckled, taking a step back into the waters. "I'm used to the explorer types, but, since you're wet, come join me, i don't get to meet many others outside of Isa's dragons." She said, beckoning him. Yuki hesitated only for a moment, before slipping in next to her, gently letting a wing hand rest on the larger dragons arm, and she seemed quite happy with that.

The female sank lower into the waters, so she was on eye level with Yuki, the other dragons here were all... well... rather like her rider, and she looked after them all, Yuki though wasn't; he was a stranger, but yet she wanted to care for him, just in a different way. Aura hesitated before pressing her nose to his.

Isa peered back at the pair, chortling to itself, it could tell Aura was smitten with the young male, given how maternal she was with the rest of the dragons bonded with the stilla, it seemed the stranger tugged at other strings, and the young male seemed just as taken with her; Isa watched as once point he sent a scattering of water towards her, it froze for a moment before it touched her, stunning ice shards before the melted, a little bit of magic as the male 'showed' off. Well Isa had no intention of interrupting the romantic scene, so he kept to the far side of the spring, happily rolling in the watery heat, before submerging for a bit, letting the warmth soak in....

Author's Notes

WC: 929
Terrain: Earth/Ocean
- Isa
- Aura
- Yuki