Species - Qovins



  • Male
  • Female
  • + Others


  • Average height: (1.60 ~ 1.70)m
  • Rational creature.


  • Might be hostile, neutral or friendly.

Drupians are 'Humans' that were once brought to Miraclewish to serve the Goddess Thyra. Most of them forgot all about their human lives as soon as they got into the place and believe they have always lived in there.

Drupians have sub-species, such as: Kraccuampal & Ruves (And others, like Gnivader)

  • Drupians that happen remember their past lives are known as Khusathers. They live in secret since knowing about their past makes them an important enemy for the Hallowcry Guild. Nobody knows why some remember and some do not. And apparently they are very rare. Their name in Miraclewish world's language means 'Outsider'.
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