Species - Wronkoceus



  • ???


  • Larger than a human.
  • Animal-like skull with horns.
  • Slim body and long limbs.
  • Has black feathers around its neck, chest and waist.
  • Has no eyes but a red dot light in its place; and makes no sounds in general but it's capable of imitating voices during hallucinations.


  • Hostile.

A hostile cursed sprit that lurks in the shadows of the forest. Nobody has seen it, since if they did they never came back. Rumors say it has an insatiable hunger and it's capable of causing hallucinations where it can imitate voices, confuse its victims and even hurt them physically. It lays black feathers whenever an hallucination is happening and nobody knows if there's a way to 'wake up' from them before getting eaten.

Since its a spirit, there's no way to fight it as its inmune to any type of damage.

  • They say crows indicate its arrival when they go crazy all of a sudden so people around Miraclewish Forest are very aware of these signs.
  • Villagers light candles in the entrance of the village each night to try and stop it from coming.
  • People say it was probably spawned due to someone commiting cannibalism and they were possesed by this spirit, forced to wander in the darkness for the eternity.
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