🌟 Miraclewish Timeline 🌟

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🕙 Year 0, Iluhs Month

▸ The Goddess Exile
Because of her actions, Thyra was punished and exiled from Paradise. She was then sent to Miraclewish, along with Ioannis, and isolated on a Palace in a solitary island. Since she got there, some kind of disease had started to spread all over Miraclewish, corrupting everything it touches. This is known as The Curse of Miraclewish. This is because Thyra's punishment was a curse. She had to depend on a fruit everyday to avoid looking like a monster. But she couldn't get it by herself because if she ever left the palace everything she touched would start to rot.

🕙 Year 0, Around same month

▸ A Promise
Thyra and Ioannis made a deal. Thyra had promised to release Ioannis from its curse if he helped her as well. The deal was that he would go and bring servants for Thyra and so she would help him out with his curse. What Ioannis didn't know was that she needed servants to bring her a fruit she needed to eat everyday since she could not leave the palace.

🕙 Year 1, Suelm Month

▸ The villagers
Ioannis did as she said and had brought enough people to start building a village. He expected Thyra to fulfill her part of the deal but she seemed to postpone the matter each time it was mentioned.

🕙 Year 5, Dyur Month

▸ The War
Meanwhile, the people living in there were starting to get annoyed by the fact they had to serve the Goddess and how unfair was the way they were treated like, with death threats and horrible conditions. The curse had also started to affect their bodies and she didn't seem to care about their wellbeing. Many were too afraid to do something about it and stayed silent but a group of people, the werewolves, had decided it was enough and started a war against Thyra. They eventually lost and were killed. As a warning, Thyra created a Guild and started to hunt down everyone that was against her, and even killed some innnocent people to spread more fear. The people in the village blamed Werewolves for their actions since then.

🕙 Year 16, Slydens Month

▸ A Hero Arrives
Ioannis was thinking of a plan to betray the Goddess for not keeping her part of the deal. He'd created a Guild to help the people get back to their human lives and decided to bring someone who will be able to help. A Hero. Ioannis then went to the human world and brought Angiris, claiming she was destined to save Miraclewish and defeat Thyra.