Before asking any questions please read through the FAQ, TOS including the weebly!
If you can't find what you need feel free to ask!


Where can i get a MYO?
Right >here<~!

How & where can i get my MYO approved?
With a stashed file note Simonetry or PlXlEDUST , please include proof! Do not upload until approved

Can we sell/trade our MYO?
Yes  you can if you've bought it, however MYO's won in contests, raffles or obtained through gift/ trade cannot be sold. MYO slots CANNOT be traded (however can be swapped for a premade JR) and if they have been purchased then they can be sold or gifted!

Slots can be also swapped for other JR MYO slots with different rarities!

Is there any specific design rules i have to follow for my MYO?
Beside not drawing markings that could resemble  perks, none, however you cannot make a design based on a copyright character, any existing designs or JR designs.
 They can only be created by Simo or PLXLEDUST, but then the following rule goes by that they cannot be traded, gifted or sold. They should be returned to either. Beside that you can use any pattern, any color (beside eyes & legs)!

Can someone/ friend help me design my MYO?
Yes they can, make sure they stash and note for approval before it gets posted anywhere however.

What does semi-open customs mean?
It means that some limited slots are open up. Mostly commonly updated here; CUSTOM JR slots


Does JolleRaptors have a mascot?
dacyo0e-391f4d60-54ca-4ce3-9143-1907d58aI don't have enough money to buy a JR, what can I do to get one?
Jolles can be obtained alternative through event, contest & raffle where you can win one!
Alternative way is to draw and earn coins to buy a common MYO.

What are Jolles and where are they from?

Please check the lore here!

What's the differences between a JR and a Nebnom?
All you need to know is here Infosheet: NebNom and JR differences!

 Do they "mature" as they get older? And how long can they live?
They mature, although then the personality changes everything.
And you can safety say that they can live for a millennium.

 What genders do JR's have?
They can shift between male, neutral and female. how their character is built up and how they feel is a different thing!

Am I allowed to resubmit a journal and/or have a general trading hub in the group?
You  can only submit a jolle trading journal ONCE a month! We do not take  general trading hub or commission hub journals as we require all  journals to be jolleraptor specific to the species!

Is vouchers allowed on JRs?
If you've paid for the JR then yes of the same worth, if you've got the JR by trade/ gift then no.
Can jolleraptors frown?
Yes they can. They can do alot of expressions actually.


Where can I get a JolleMonster?
They're only available during October, and can be obtained by events/ slots or adopts.

Can a JR switch between a JRM and JR?
Switchable JR to JRM and back again is an adopt only thing!

What's the difference between a JR and JRM?
Here is all about them.


How do jolle redesigns work?
Slight colour changes, nothing drastic (what we mean is that you cant overhaul all the markings + change all the colours), it must remain somewhat recognisable as the original JR
- traits cannot change unless you have a trait swap or upgrade ticket
Later on the desired changes needs to be stashed and noted for approval (to either Simonetry or PlXlEDUST )
- if it doesn't get approve we're tell what is wrong and help!
Alternatively there's a journal for designs that can be potentially swapped for MYO slots here!

Are JR allowed to have prosthetic?
Yes they are and been both allowed and drawn 

since long far back by members of the community!

Can i make clothes for my JR/ JM or do i have to pay?
It's completely optional! However, if you want Simonetry to design it, you have to purchase it with coins!

How do i get traits that's not listed on the sheets?
Some are special traits that can only be obtained through adopts only, usually stated in the sale description.

I'm not sure if a trait is a perk or mutation?
Please check the perks and mutations sheet

I've got trait upgrades how do i apply them?
Note the JolleRaptorHub along with proof and the JR along with what you're upgrading.
If the JR is not registered yet then please reply to the registration comment! 

My trait got downgraded, what do i do?
The current trait is grandfathered in, which means it keeps it's original rarity!

Can i downgrade traits?
Not currently as the item that will allow it in the future is not implemented yet! 

Can i swap same rarity traits?
Trait swap vouchers aren't as readily available, they appear in events, as extras for adopts/gachas or for the upcoming arpg - sometimes you may see them in discord exclusive sales!

Can trait voucher and upgrades be used on customs?
Trait vouchers and upgrades can cannot be applied on customs, only on MYOs and existing JR designs!


Why isn't my JR up on the masterlist? / Where can i register my JR?
You have to by yourself, register your JR/s at the JR + MYO SLOT REGISTRATION journal!
Make sure to read the journal properly!

There's Jolleraptors in the masterlist without owners, what happens with them?
They  will remain voided until the real owner shows up, until then they'll  remain as void regardless for how long time. Proofs will be required.

How do i get a rebase/ base transfer and how do we change it in the hub?
Base transfers can be bought by coins/ $ or points here. They will be automatically updated in the hub.

How do i get a rebase/ base transfer and how do we change it in the hub?
Base transfers can be bought by coins/ $ or points here, here and here.
They will be automatically updated in the hub, please include proof or hub upload to them.

I got trait upgrades, how do i get the changes updated on the masterlist?
To have the pictures updated you'd have to pay for a rebase,
the trait updates however will be written and updated in the description/ comment section.

How do i go about having the ML images changed?

1. Owner made JRs (simonetry+plxledust) can only be changed if you get a rebase from either owner
2. GA/MYO JRs can be free to change as long as you don't edit the design
(If said design gets a redesign it must be run through either owners for approval before the ML can be changed!)
- To change the image note the ML account with the entry* + the new image you wish to change with
*(the image must be showing the design clearly and have no accessories that can obstruct the design,
make sure to run through either of owners before noting the ML to get an OK to change it)


How or where do we sign up for the coinbank?
You're automatically added into the coinbank after the calculation of your first submit of your coinwork (that's been added to the coinfolder) ! Make sure to read about how it works here ! 

 My work haven't been calculated yet, why and what do i do?
Don't  worry about it, the mod may have causes to be delayed and neither is it  constantly updated, either way it'll be calculated as soon as possible !


How do i become a guest artist?
We no longer host guest artists due to lack of time and issues in the past in regards to it.

 Is there any offcial designers?
Yes you can find them here please do not ask about becoming one as we choose who we wish to be artists of the species !


I've seen offbrand/ unofficial JRs being sold what do i do?
We  are usually aware of them and we keep our eyes out for members who try  bringing them into our community, but for the most part we ignore them
so we ask the same to just ignore as well, do not confront

I've accidentally bought one of these, what do i do?
Sadly they won't be accepted into the group as we don't support offbrand designs as said in the group TOS
Official Jolleraptors can only be sold by PlXlEDUST, Simonetry + Official artist + approved Guest artist
If someone is reselling/trading please make sure they got proofs or is registered at the JolleRaptorHub before you buy

Please remember,  that if you are on an outside website such as Instagram, furry amino,  G+ etc etc please remember to ask for proof of their masterlist entry!  We do not associate with these outside websites as it is difficult to  watch and due to the high volume of recent scams we cannot really  compensate people for these scams when people do have a tendency to  falsify proof. Please remember if you see a Jolle that is NOT on the  masterlist, ALWAYS query the proof of purchase/trade/gift and where it  originally came from and if there is a problem, please let us know as  soon as possible!

Please do not buy JR's on any outside site that  are up for adoption as it is most likely not official and we will not  compensate you for them, furthermore, you will not be allowed to use  them within our group!