Fae that are born from a freshly-made cup of coffee, Caffaes are eager to help out within the household under the curtain of the night. With their size-shifting abilities and penchant for magic, these little creatures ensure that they are practically invisible in daytime hours. A lot of humans may never know they're there!

Caffaes were initially birthed in the Middle Ages, during the early years of coffee's own invention. Thanks to their work, they have been assumed to be brownies; however, it's not quite a true statement. They often have their own groups, and cultural bounds similar to the humans who live in their home. If a house changes hands often, it may lead to some very multicultural Caffaes!

However, not everything is sunshine and daisies within Caffae culture. A subspecies known as Decaffs, known for breaking the unspoken contract between man and fae, are also present in some households. With the ability to mutate their features to oft-horrific proportions, they are usually shunned by their former brethren.

Making a Caffae or Decaff is like making a cup of coffee: you prepare your ingredients, grind and cook the beans, finish by selecting a type of coffee, adding liquids and other add-ins, and selecting a magical catalyst. All of these items come together to show off your Caffae or Decaff's unique coffee blend, from the beans to the final product, and everything in between!

Caffaes as a whole are primarily known for their wings, a telltale sign of their power. The more wings they have, the more powerful they are, and the dust atop these wings will show how their beans were ground during the process of making their coffee.

Kemonomimi elements are also present for the species at large, ranging from the common to the mythological. It's said that Caffaes and Decaffs both can access certain kemonomimi depending on their species, which further causes variation between the groups.


Bean halos are one of the more common tells of a Caffae specifically, increasing in number depending on their traits. These halos often display the beans of their blend, as well as the add-ins present within it.

Certain visual traits are only available to Caffaes, such as glittery hair and skin. These traits are lost when one becomes a Decaff, almost as if their bodies are responding to this betrayal of their unspoken contract with man...


One of the largest differences between a Decaff and a Caffae are the replacement of bean halos with bean spikes. These spikes certainly don't hurt when you touch them, but it's clear that this is one of the great divides between the two species.

Decaffs also gain a unique ability: the ability to mutate visual traits that can be considered body horror. Extra eyes, limbs, and even the presence of a seeping darkness are available to Decaffs, perhaps a sign of how far they've distanced themselves from their species.


03/23/2021 Toyhouse world and Discord opening!

May 2021 New mascots were introduced, and a contest created to give them names! These two would eventually be Maxim and Anubis.

July 2021 The mysterious head of gambling is introduced, known as Audrey!

October 2021 The Black Market was introduced, complete with a pair of NPC twins!

January 2022 RL currency bonus introduced! Buying a MYO with RL currency (through Paypal or DeviantArt) earns you additional Golden Beans!

March 2022 The first anniversary of the Caffae species was celebrated with a MYO event!

April 2022 Bank and MYO tracker mascots Lucille and C introduced!

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