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Posted by Fehnryr 3 days ago

Thanks for being awesome! We appreciate you <3

Posted by Theravensheflys 3 days ago

Hi would it be ok for me to draw dirge?

Posted by Nahri 5 days ago


Posted by Mew 1 week ago


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Posted by paeon 1 week ago

lulu send help i cannot unsee ur icon as wiggly snake niples

Posted by lulu 3 weeks ago


Posted by alyeong 3 weeks ago

next time someone comes on lin's profile they're going to see all these comments and wonder what the fuck linnet is involved with

Posted by ghostlyvillain 3 weeks ago

I fucking hate back to the barnyard I fucking HATE back to the barnyard. This is the most digusting fucking show I have ever seen pigs are CLEAN animals how fucking DARE you perpetuate that they are dirty I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. Petition to get this piece of shit show off the air

Posted by Aganna 3 weeks ago

alpha-san your omega needs you uwu murr please scent mark me

Posted by octomaid 3 weeks ago

scent marks this profile uwu murr

Posted by alyeong 3 weeks ago

uwu murr

Posted by Rainy-The-Meme 3 weeks ago

Aaa thank you so much for making this website!! love your icon btw <3

Posted by whitehat 2 months ago

b o o t s t r a p

Posted by DivviviaOlexiusG 2 months ago

I love your wiggly armed icon O.O

Posted by BlewInu 2 months ago

Hey, a fellow Capricorn and INTP! Compliments on the website, I love it lots!

Posted by Mew 2 months ago

I hope you still come on. :( Toyhou.se is too wonderful to stop updating

Posted by D1S3NY-FR3AK 3 months ago


Posted by xerneasxx 3 months ago

ur icon is bae

Posted by Nero-Redfield 5 months ago

Hey, Lulu?? I don't know who all is on the management team, but I sent in 2 questions/reports to the help desk and am still awaiting a response. ^^//

Posted by Rivaispie 5 months ago

Lulu senpai, how have you been? ;w;

Posted by squishyhammy 7 months ago

tell me where you got your icon omfg

Posted by songy 11 months ago

lulu i see u

Posted by Draco 1 year ago


Posted by REDs33sALL 1 year ago

Your art is very lovely.