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Posted by SquiidKid 1 week ago

Hey thanks for the update for toggling the front page off! i'm new & this really made toyhouse easier!

Posted by alyeong 1 week ago

sneaks on lin's profile

Posted by Mew 2 weeks ago

For some reason, I cannot scroll on the site

Posted by Signed-with-a-star 2 weeks ago

Are you the main mod on here? I really need your assistance if you could help me out. I'm trying to stop someone from being scammed but the person refuses to communicate with me or even listen to me because they are friends with this person who's is trying to scam them. I reported the character file if you could please look it over as soon as possible. Thank you

Posted by omphvee 2 weeks ago

Oh, snap, you're an INTP and chaotic neutral too, omg. I've never met someone with the exact same alignments as me!

Posted by Someonestolemyhands 1 month ago

Your profile picture is the best man. 10/10 I need one.

Posted by Fehnryr 2 months ago

Thanks for being awesome! We appreciate you <3

Posted by Theravensheflys 2 months ago

Hi would it be ok for me to draw dirge?

Posted by Nahri 2 months ago


Posted by Mew 2 months ago


Posted by Rhysen 2 months ago


Posted by paeon 2 months ago

lulu send help i cannot unsee ur icon as wiggly snake niples

Posted by lulu 2 months ago


Posted by alyeong 2 months ago

next time someone comes on lin's profile they're going to see all these comments and wonder what the fuck linnet is involved with

Posted by ghostlyvillain 2 months ago

I fucking hate back to the barnyard I fucking HATE back to the barnyard. This is the most digusting fucking show I have ever seen pigs are CLEAN animals how fucking DARE you perpetuate that they are dirty I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. Petition to get this piece of shit show off the air

Posted by Aganna 2 months ago

alpha-san your omega needs you uwu murr please scent mark me

Posted by octomaid 2 months ago

scent marks this profile uwu murr

Posted by alyeong 2 months ago

uwu murr

Posted by Rainy-The-Meme 2 months ago

Aaa thank you so much for making this website!! love your icon btw <3

Posted by whitehat 4 months ago

b o o t s t r a p

Posted by DivviviaOlexiusG 4 months ago

I love your wiggly armed icon O.O

Posted by BlewInu 4 months ago

Hey, a fellow Capricorn and INTP! Compliments on the website, I love it lots!

Posted by Mew 4 months ago

I hope you still come on. :( Toyhou.se is too wonderful to stop updating

Posted by D1S3NY-FR3AK 5 months ago


Posted by xerneasxx 5 months ago

ur icon is bae