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Posted by whitehat 3 weeks ago

b o o t s t r a p

Posted by DivviviaOlexiusG 1 month ago

I love your wiggly armed icon O.O

Posted by BlewInu 1 month ago

Hey, a fellow Capricorn and INTP! Compliments on the website, I love it lots!

Posted by Mew 1 month ago

I hope you still come on. :( Toyhou.se is too wonderful to stop updating

Posted by D1S3NY-FR3AK 2 months ago


Posted by xerneasxx 2 months ago

ur icon is bae

Posted by Nero-Redfield 4 months ago

Hey, Lulu?? I don't know who all is on the management team, but I sent in 2 questions/reports to the help desk and am still awaiting a response. ^^//

Posted by Rivaispie 4 months ago

Lulu senpai, how have you been? ;w;

Posted by squishyhammy 5 months ago

tell me where you got your icon omfg

Posted by songy 10 months ago

lulu i see u

Posted by Draco 1 year ago


Posted by REDs33sALL 1 year ago

Your art is very lovely.

Posted by Moonrabbit 1 year ago

Wow, I'm late to the party! (Fashionably late - -) Ty for making the site ;; I'm already loving it

Posted by araneko 1 year ago

Hi! (A very late) Thanks for creating this website!

Posted by Amirrora 1 year ago

You have amazing characters! Uhm.. just wondering for the ones for trade what are you looking for? Like any kind of design style? Genders? Stuff like that

Posted by Mew 1 year ago Edited 1 month ago

Lovely art and designs!

Posted by Solarizing 1 year ago

Hi there Lulu! c: My friend invited me to this website, and it's really neat! Also, can I just say I love your artwork? It's seriously fantastic. ;D Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! =D

Posted by Liv 1 year ago

where can I find more of your art? :o it's so good ;___;

Posted by Fehnryr 1 year ago

You are wonderful <3

Posted by Kiyomi--Hime 1 year ago

how do you feature characters

Posted by Liv 1 year ago Edited 1 year ago

you just favorite it <3 (though you have to own it for it to work)

Posted by Lanmana 2 years ago

curls on page

Posted by aomaoe 2 years ago

slowly presses my hands to your page

Posted by MESOXALIC 2 years ago

runs around lulus page

Posted by Beauket 2 years ago

hello! please credit pupples for the winged puppies now ;7;

Posted by Sugar 2 years ago


Posted by lulu 2 years ago

Hi!! ^Q^