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jesus, youve been on th for 8 years?

theyre the creator

I like your profile's vibes a lot

Hello Lulu, I'm really sorry for resorting to commenting on your personal account, But I would like to retract ticket 73958, This was caused by a misunderstanding, CLOWNQWQ/TheSillyAwgert has found a stolen piece of mine on pinterest that was titled as F2U, I am suffering from psychosis and paranoia and was having an episode at the time of finding his discord post and started having delusions he was attempting to steal my art/identity and attacked him without thinking (as one does when experiencing what I do). I have apologized to him both in private and public. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience but the least I can do for him is try to get him unbanned. Thank you

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Hi lulu I had a question, would it be possible for toyhouse to email my friend? They had problems with there account a year ago and msged toyhouse and I been helping but there's not much I can do.

Tho I don't think your able tell the owner of the email for me, but to me it's my best shot for my friend.

Thank you for your time.

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I have been bumping my help ticket, I have sent in toyhouse support emails, I have posted on the forums. Please, I need assistance.

Please help, I'm afraid for my safety because of the actions on toyhouse.

thank you for all you do <3

Hi lulu. Ive been hearing rumors about toyhouse shutting down in July. Is this true?

Hi, thanks for getting in touch! Not sure exactly where this rumour came from, but this is false; but if you have any specific details regarding a staff statement or information that's causing confusion please do let me know and I'll see if I can clarify. The best way to get in touch in the future would be the HelpDesk. 

I found the starting rumor in a discord I’m in that the owner announced, getting information from somewhere else. I’m uncertain whether it was a thread or a twitter post that caused it. [As I only have access to the possible starting thread and not the twitter post.] I didn’t think about filing a ticket—I just knew I had to get in touch with one of you guys haha-but I’ll make sure to do that from now on! 

Hello! Sent message about IRL zoo*phile and account ban. 

Hey!!! I sent a message about an irl Zoophile on the site!

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Hey a friend of mine was hacked, is there any way to help them?


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thank you for everything you do! i've only joined toyhouse this year but it's already one of my favorite sites, thank you for all your hard work keeping the place running! <3

The people who think this site is dying are naysayers. I've been recommending people here a lot and I see more and more people who use this site, so it's far from dead. You've done well, especially considering you've been handling this site by yourself. I hope things get easier for you, if not, don't stress about constantly updating the site. So long as the website is online, most of us will be very happy and fortunate because there's no decent alternative. This site rocks and so do you for running it! Thanks for everything!

Thank you for the update! I love this site and I'm so thankful that you put it together. You're doing a great job and it's amazing that you run this website all by yourself. I hope you're taking care of yourself and doing well :)   

I agree with the others who say opening a patreon or kofi is a good idea. It's true that memberships bring in income but something like a patreon might be a good extra source! No pressure, of course! Just something to think about   


You are doing such a good job! It's incredible.


thanks for your work, Lulu!!!


Thank you greatly for all you do. I feel this community has the potential to become one of the best personal character gallery sites on the web and look forward to watching and being a part of its growth and development. If there is anything at all that can be done to assist, I gladly offer up my services to the community!

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the site! It's apparent that there is so much love and hard work put into it. I'm so very glad that it exists just as it is and every update is honestly just a cherry on top. I'm so thankful this website exists, without it I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people and found so much inspiration to design and create art. I hope genuinely you're doing well as we're living in busy and stressful times. 

I noticed others suggesting opening donations and I think it's a great idea! I would love other options to donate and give support to the site!

Thank you for everything you do! I appreciate it all so much ♡♡♡ 

Hello, Lulu! I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all that you do for us after reading your most recent admin post. I had no idea it was just one person running this website, but I understand how much work that entails. I hope and pray this web continues to positively grow in the future, and that you keep being strong and resilient in this endeavor - as well as all of your endeavors in general. Thank you so much for your hard work keeping this website afloat. Don’t forget to take good care of yourself, too. I look forward to seeing everything you have in store for us.😊

Thank you for working so hard to keep this site afloat, you're very brave to keep it going all on your own! I hope you get the breaks you deserve soon <3

Just wanted to say as well I really appreciate your work and effort!  I’m unsure what mods might be required to know but either way, if the spots ever open consider me applying immediately!

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Thank you so much for all the effort and time you invest into toyhouse. Make sure to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself! You provide a phenomenal service and safe haven singlehandedly for free to toyhouse's users, and we're all so grateful you've given this gift to us. I'm going to be gifted a membership this Christmas, which is over a month from now and only $25 for you, but I agree with Dustydeer's idea that you should definitely get a kofi or patreon! Again, thank you for everything you do   

thank you for doing everything to keep toyhouse a fun and welcoming site! i really appreciate your honesty and hard work. in the future, i would absolutely love to be a part of toyhouse staff. i log onto this site every day, and it brings me so much happiness. helping you with the workload would be a dream. good luck with your new job and with everything else you have planned for the future! much love <3

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Thank you so much for doing your best to maintain this site!! I agree with Dustydeer, I consider this place a safe haven for my images and ocs, a kofi or patreon sounds great and I would support the site that way!

I genuinely think you should make a kofi or patreon for those to support the site. In all honesty I would give a bunch of donations just for you hard work and determination as you very well deserve it. Like i would legit give you 100 dollars rn because without this site i would be very sad and have no place to store the literal hundreds of images i have of my characters. Thank you so much?? I cannot thank you enough for it. Please do not stress yourself tho ♡

Hey, i just recently started using this site and it's bringing me so much joy, i consider it an organizational accessibility tool even (hello, adhd person with a million oc's here) and it's just a constant source of dopamine to be able to see my characters all in one place. please take care of yourself and consider some sort of way to be able to tip you, including buying premium? <3 you're doing a wonderful job, thank you so much! please don't feel like you're disappointing anyone, you're doing so much! 

I had no idea only one person works on this entire site, and I think you're doing phenomenal considering how massive this site is! I hope you're able to get mods you trust to help out and lower your workload but you're doing amazing to be able to run this entire site yourself

Hi! You're doing great, I can't believe only one person actively manages this site. Don't beat yourself down for not being able to do everything, and remember to take care of yourself! From all the comments here, you'll always have a group that'll stick by the site and you, so don't freak over delays <3

Your post today is so wonderful!!! I had no idea you were doing EVERYTHING all on your own!! Thats so sad and I feel so bad for you! ;0; Your dedication to this place is amazing, and I'm so grateful. Toyhouse is my absolute favorite place online, i hang out here so much, the ability to organize and have my characters all there and the way i want them to be is so priceless, and theres no other place like toyhouse, its absolutely perfect, and I hope it never ever goes away. 

I just bought another year of premium, and I plan on keep doing that! <3
I didn't know, since you're trying to get moderation tools and such, is there a possibility of setting up a or something? :o I mean, theres people out there that love this site so much, and can't afford a premium, but might be able to send $3 or something to help out, and then theres people like me, who depend on this site so much, and i'd be more than willing to donate, on top of my membership costs!
You give so much to everyone on here, it would be terrific if we could give something back to the site! 

P.S. //sweats, this all got me thinking, if there is only a single person running this entire endeavor ...what would happen if something were to happen to you? Or if you did end up becoming disinterested or something? ///nervous sweating 

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頑張って!!! Thank you for your hard work!

thank you kindly for your hard work on the site, lulu! ;__; i'm reflecting the sentiments of all these comments in saying that it absolutely doesn't go unnoticed. i really adore, it's the site that i frequent the most nowadays, and you've been doing excellent work keeping it afloat, particularly since it's just you! do remember to put time aside to take care of yourself, and i hope you can find a competent crew of folks that'll make managing the community and site a whole lot easier <3 lots of love!!



I had no idea this is a one person labour of love?! I'm a new user and so so impressed!!! So far I have encountered NO problems aside form occasional slowness which is imo neglectable (just think back 10 years...). 

Definitely going to keep an eye out when the staff seeking starts, being a mod for a big MMORPG was super fun so this might be right up my alley   

Anyhow, thank you so much for all your hard work! It's very appreciated!

running a whole site on your own -especially one this big- is an incredible feat! you're doing a great job and we all support you!

Please don’t feel discouraged, TH has become so popular, it’s SO much to manage for just one person, I can hardly imagine. Until your most recent update I had no idea it was just you by yourself, it blows my mind and puts everything into perspective.
It’s absolutely understandable that you’re struggling to come out with the updates you’ve been promising and wanting to provide to the community, please don’t be so hard on yourself about it, you’re doing a fantastic job thus far and in all honesty it highly persuaded me to keep up a subscription just to help out because I love this site a lot.. it’s such a fantastic way to keep, organize, and share characters and their art. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Thank you so much for making this site and putting all the time in to keep it running that you have thus far.
I know I was one of the individuals who put in a ticket for the 23rd issues I think and because of the errors I accidentally sent the same message 3 times I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to spam you. 😭Thank you for getting back to me during that struggle I don’t think anyone is thinking negatively of you for how hard you’re trying.. and if they are they’re silly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hey, just wanted to stop by like everyone else and say you've been doing great! I don't have much more to say than that. I hope you'll be able to get things where you want them sooner than you think! ^^

Hi lulu!! I’m honestly really impressed at all the work you’ve done on toyhouse as a site for how well it runs, thank you so much for the love and care you put into it, a lot of people adore and rely on this site for numerous reasons and we cannot thank you enough 🥺

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Lulu! I'm ashamed to admit that I never truly knew 'who' ran/owned TH, let alone if there were mods on-site or not; the fact that you're doing a lot of this work solely on your own is astounding and impressive!! I assumed that TH had a group of moderators as it was. The past week (in my opinion) isn't an issue regarding TH's future. I actually hadn't heard from anyone in my 'how to th' server/friend groups stating they had issues or are insecure about TH's stability! I've always had confidence in TH since I joined; I happily subscribe to yearly Premium status because I love handing out invites to pals on a petsite.

I would be open to either donating more funds or even "paying for" a tier account status (future idea perhaps?) I'd also be interested in applying as a moderator down the road-- volunteer or paid; I'd love to help! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the future! As for hiring concerns, perhaps a police background check would be beneficial? I know many folks would be against it, but..I can't think of much else, outside of individual 1:1 interviews until perhaps having a 'hiring team' could be established.

Like everyone else, thank you for your hard work on this site, i appreciate your efforts and wish you the best in continuing to maintain it. I love this site and everyone on it does too, we'd be sad if it were to ever go down.

Feel free to pop a link to your / venmo / cashapp or whatever on your announcements and buillitens, I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would gladly donate money towards maintaining the site, helping you out financially, and with mod hiring <3

bless you for all your hard work on TH!!! i love this site and as a developer myself i cannot even begin to imagine doing the amount of hard work that goes into it <3 i appreciate your love for this project so so much!!

hiya lulu! i hope its okay to comment here for stuff like this, i just wanted to give you my huge respect for being able to work on this site alone! please dont feel bad about having downtimes like this, even on sites with big teams this happens! toyhouse is available 99% of the year and youre doing all of that alone, we couldnt ask for more really, if you are able to i hope you find some people who can help you though, i imagine this is really stressful! even if you wont be able to pay people im sure a lot of people are willing to volunteer <3

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Hey LuLu! First I want to say that this post and its views are mine alone and have not been been approved by, nor reviewed, by the Organization for Transformative Works ("OTW"), and are not intended to reflect the opinions of the OTW.

Okay that's outta the way, I just wanted to say I saw the update, and I hate to hear you're working on the site alone. I know you want to pay your employees, but I have seen voluntary projects work out just as well! I'm assuming the money made from subscriptions on this site go solely towards server up keep, making it a non-profit already. If making the site a business is your goal then please forgive my intrusion (since having to have people on a payroll does sound like you might prefer it to be business in the end). But if not, do not be afraid of organizing it as a non-profit website hosted, moderated, and run by a committee of passionate volunteers. I feel like ToyHouse is something special next to a lot of social media and art sites at the moment, and I have no doubt there may be folk out there who would be more than happy to help on a volunteer basis, for the betterment of the wonderful community you've made, if given the chance. I think I'm just a bit passionate about non-profits myself and have seen first hand how with a lot of work they can make something great together, and couldn't help dropping a comment after the update. You're doing great work by yourself, don't beat yourself up over a few bugs. 

Have a great rest of the Halloween month!

I just read your post. I didn't realize that you were alone working on this website! D: You have my huge respect, sincerely.

As an artist, Toyhouse is certainly my favourite website so far. It feels so comfortable here and would leave this pleace for no reason. The system to gather and collect characters while having tabs to showcase your art and another one to showcase your designs, it's exactly what us artists and designers needed. I've never been more inspired that since I have a toyhouse account: it makes me think about my characters' stories, behaviour, etc. And it motivates me to work always more - because our collection is never big enough. Big plus: I can sort my characters into categories and this brings me life. (also for favourites - gnnnngn this is perfect)

Since I can have my own universes all gathered and tied up on this website, I'm really feeling much better.  My life isn't always good or happy but I always can escape in Toyhouse forum and I can be lost in people's characters and galeries for literaly hours. Toyhouse helps me be more creative, but also relaxes me. I also met people there who became traders, then roleplayers, then good friends of mine - and I never could've met them otherwise. It's a good place, and thank you for that. 

I sadly can't help more but showing you my small support, but please, don't feel pressured. We love this website and we'll wait for updates only if you're feeling good enough to make them. I wish you'll quickly find a good staff to help you in the process and feel a bit lighter! 

Take care ~

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Thank you for all of the work you do, i love this site and I hope it will be going for years to come. I can’t imagine doing this alone and I hope you can get some good mods to help you

thank you so much for all you do with the site!!

thank you so much for all that you do!! ;__;

Thank you for your hard work! ♥ I never new only ONE person was managing / developing this awesome site! 

Thanks for making toyhouse, it's an amazing and fun community and the perfect place for all my OCs :3 

Thank you so much for all you do for this site ♥

you are doing amazing job, don't give up you got this!

Thank you for all the work that you do! I love this site and community. You are appreciated!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the work and time you put into this site! It must be incredibly hard navigating everything and trying to keep up with everyones wishes, tickets, feedback and reports! I actually imagine it to be quite overwhelming!
So thank you so so much for this wonderful site and the community that has formed through it. It truly became my favorite site and I check it everyday.
Please don't feel defeated and remember what a great site you already created and that you ofc are only a single human as well, with their own life and troubles.

Hang in there and I wish you the best of luck to find a way to fix the issues in a healthy way.
Take care! 💖

thank you for all your hard work!!   

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Wishing you the best of luck, thank you so much for keeping up the hard work and pushing through even if it hasn't been easy. You're doing good, and I hope you manage to find a team (in time) that can help support you and work with you - especially since it seems it would lessen your stress as much as help the site itself! 頑張りましょうね。

I wanted to comment under the announcement but seeing as that's not an option (which is fine! 💖) I'll follow what other users have done and say thank you for making, hosting, and managing such a wonderful site!! You are literally a godsend for doing this for us, I would be lost without you or Toyhouse's services. You are doing such a great job I had no idea you were a sole staff member, and my help tickets have always been responded to quickly, way quicker than DA even back in its prime. For new features around the site, please don't feel pressured to create additional gimmicks or functions just to keep things 'fresh,' just look after yourself. 💕 You even have individual urls to comment threads and a 'Groups' feature using Worlds-- my ARPG is saved from DA's wrath thanks to you. Toyhouse is amazing and just know we thank you every day for it. 💞💞 Please remember to take care of yourself!


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Thank you for your hard work <3

You're doing a fantastic job, honestly. Running a site like this on your own is hard fuckin work, and I can assure you the time and love you put into this site doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. If there's anything I as a user can do to help, you have but to ask! <3 But please don't stress yourself too much - you're a human being, and the community can be patient. Take your time with all these problems, we'll all still be around.

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I appreciate the hard work you do for us and you single handling doing it on your own is amazing. But I hope you can one day get you a team to ease the stress once you're able to! I know that'll be less work on you but until then keep up the good work with the tickets and fixing the bugs and servers. xP <3

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Thank you for the hard work you put in 💜

Thank you for all your hard work!!

I just want to say, after seeing the announcement, thank you so much for your work, time and energy <333 And omg I love your avi ;w;

Hi I have to do this on my husband's phone but I would like to know why I was banned from this account from my IP address I cannot log into my toy house from my phone because my IP address was banned

your characters and art are both so lovely!! 

hi lulu!! ' v ' / 

it has been ages but i wanted to say hello and hope you're doing well!!!

I love the fact that you have pop/stars embedded on the character blurb thing /w\

definitely the most important thing i could possibly put in a blurb!!

It's really fun to follow back who invited who on this site until you find the original, haha- My invite ended up with you as the source code giver and I think that's super amusing XD


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I love all the little stickers and icons all over your page :0

I found someone stole/recolored my art do you know who I can get a hold of for it?..


oof all of your characters r so precious n cute I want to hug them all ??? 




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sneaks on lin's profile

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Oh, snap, you're an INTP and chaotic neutral too, omg. I've never met someone with the exact same alignments as me!

Your profile picture is the best man. 10/10 I need one.

Thanks for being awesome! We appreciate you <3