LF: Roleplays/Ships/World building

Posted 3 months, 29 days ago (Edited 18 days, 17 hours ago) by Sarubia

Hi. Right now I'm looking for some role plays, world building or even just headconing!
Most of my characters are always opened for friendships as long as they aren't in my Ithica folder or my Magical Kingdom folder.

Also please note, I only pair my characters sexually with other males. 

Single characters
However these are the ones I really wanna play with
Alaric || Syril || Kye || Hale || Zino

I also have an habit of making new characters all the time, haha.
So if you don't see someone you like in there and still want to rp let me know, I'm more then happy to make a new bby.
Dragons. Give me a reason to make more dragon babies.

I'm pretty easy going and hard to piss off. I talk a lot so please make sure you like to ooc chat before getting ahold of me. I also really like smut
If talking isn't something you like then we won't work well together.
I can do both ooc over Skype or Discord, which a strong preference to skype since its connected to my phone. 

Also, I'm only wanting humanoid characters. No animal characters unless they have a human form. Thanks c:

And last, here is my comfort meme so please take a look at that!

Sarubia - don't lose this


I'm interested!!
I have to go to work soon so I'm not gonna make a long post right now, but I'm interested :D I have a bunch of cool characters that haven't gotten much use. I actually need to upload about 5 more high quality ones... *lazy*
I'm always looking for MxM ships; I like angst ^.^ Also love headcannoning (so we can see if the characters will work before we throw them together) ... Goals would be to get a longterm pairing :D they're so hard though!!



gOD https://toyhou.se/1213145.zino#4459038 makes me want to make a dragon boy

*Throws characters down (Very very carefully) in front of you* 

https://toyhou.se/1257455.kit-mori - Totally my excuse for kinky smut rps  *Chokes* I mean sweet fluffy moments o_e

https://toyhou.se/1314130.caine-nalldiir - Sexy elf man I really have no idea to do with so he's free game for stories that just happen

https://toyhou.se/1288929.rin-akuma & https://toyhou.se/1288921.luka-akuma - Close brothers that are looking for a handsome man to share - Dragons would be totally okay ;)

Let me know if you have any interest! I have 3 other babes but they have more human preferences