Trading/Reselling Designs ( More Added 9.21 )

Posted 22 days, 4 hours ago (Edited 2 days, 8 hours ago) by CandyGhouls

Don't really use these baes all that much.
So looking to possibly trade/sell them for other designs.
I will look at any designs other than feral or low quality junk.
Also willing to look at art and/or customs, and accept DA points.

If interested in buying them make an offer.

Everyone here labeled UFT/UFS
And then possibly looking at offers for these designs: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06

You can try to offer on the others on this account but... it'll most likely be a 'no'.

Would you be interested in anyone in here? (NSFW Warning)

FurryWolf5 You didn't specify who you were interested in. But sorry I don't see anything that calls out to me.

Aztrex The tentative one I'm really tentative about. I've had offers of $30+ on him and declined soooo;;;; Probably won't trade for points.
As for the wolf one I would probably do about 1500 points for him in trade.
And sorry I don't see any designs that I really like.

I'd really rather people make offers. orz;;;
"If interested in buying them just make an offer."
But um... around $12?

Heya you up for another trade cause I like this cutie

Offering art again if you're interested?

Link me your artsu again, I have bad memory. I need to oggle it some.
But tbh I'll prob accept, how much were you wanting to do in exchange tho'?


 Was thinking about 2 busts if that sounds good?

Could we maaaaybe do 3? It's okay if not;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Bc I'd love to have my djinn done and then my pirate bae, but have his young and old versions done.

Mmm yeah I can do these

Uwah okay baby tysm y vy
I'll go slap a 'pending' on the OC for you.
Just PM me when the art is done and I'll send the bab over!

I'm interested in 

Trade offers: (tentatives are the only maybe nos cause of attachment. ; v ; ) 

Thanks for your time~ 

You have some cute designs but sadly I see no one non-tentative that I like. ; A; - anyone on my acc interest you for him?

Ahhh I'm sorry hun' but I don't see anyone who catches my eye;;;;;