Show me your gay characters! <3

Posted 28 days, 4 hours ago (Edited 28 days, 4 hours ago) by LuciieSpirit

All my male characters are either gay or bi...

I have no idea why >.< I wondered who else has gay characters? I would love to see them!

none of my characters are straight (or cis).  adore and haru are both strictly gay!

Theo, Ken and my most precious bois Pierre and his husband Colin

Most of mine are Pan or Bi though

Most of mine are bi/pan/demi, but I have some gay babies. Roman is one of them.
I also have Ashton, Aya, and Jackson to name a few others. I have more but I'm too lazy to link them ahaha.

I have several gay characters, but kalamari is probably the loudest and proudest one about it lmao

im very creative and made my main rainbow oc gay

this boy is HELLA gay bc I'm gay so he's gay too !! he has a lil crush on one of his friends but he tries to cover it up by being a meanie

((i have multiple but heres this fucko))

i am gay gay gay i like long big cocks im a super super gay i like long big cocks

Gay magical boy o/ Most of my OCs are bi/pan but for some reason both of my boys for the magical boy group are gay and I'm wheezing 


Tsubaki is heckie gay asf- he's my queen X"DDD

another one because oh boy I'm gay