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Hi there!!!! Just put this here to tell you:

All characters here are  mine and belong to me, unless listed in the Payments and Commissions folder {Those belong to the people listed} and the For Trade/Sale folder {Those are up for offer}. If you receive a character from me PLEASE use proper credit. If the design is by me, credit me. If it's by someone else, leave the credit for them as is! Thank you!

Please do not use my characters unless you are making me fanart or we are doing an art trade. All my OCs are very special to me, and if anything happens to them I will steal your spaghetti. 

A few of my characters deal with drugs/alcohol, anxiety, depression and some undesirable backstories. I want you to be aware in case you are triggered by such things. This is valid and I understand, I will try to put warnings in place were they are needed. I also on occasion draw mild gore.

Please be kind to yourself and others! I have absolutely no tolerance towards bullying, threats, shaming, or homophobia. Anything of the like on my profile will be instantly blocked and/or reported! 

Thanks again for reading  ^^

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