3 years, 1 month ago


A vampire weirdo. Or a weirdo vampire. Likes to tease people, annoy and freak them out. An entertainer. A little crazy.
She doesn't see much with one eye (no pupil on her right side, on our left when facing her).
Likes mice and rats, and tries not to eat them.
Has shadow magic.
A heart mark on her cheek (any, or both, pink, red, white or black) is optional.
Her makeup should be pink, her lips are painted like a doll's, pink lipstick in the middle.
Hair: should be mostly soft pink with a few lighter strands and black strands.
Clothing: still inspired by earlier days Emily Autumn, but mostly corsets, frilly, short shorts, girly shirts, chokers, boots, knee high socks/ stockings, lingerie. Preference for neutral colors specially white. She might be found in more casual clothing sometimes.
May be drawn with fang(s) or not.


She started as me wanting to draw Emilie Autumn, then she turned into a Vampire the Masquerade character to roleplay in a Tegaki group. She was a malkavian.

Then I changed her design a little to be a bit more herself.