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Shadow Zircon/Shaz
300+ y/o
over 8ft tall


  • Full name: Shadow Zircon
  • Any pronouns (usually he/she/they/it but can use neo); gendervoid
  • Origins unknown, kinda just appeared one day and wanders the galaxy
  • “Riddler”/Quizmaster type personality
  • Types/talks (rp) in all caps; voice is pretty loud (“announcer voice”, something like Alastor from hbh or Corey Burton)
  • Flamboyant & dramatic asf
  • Removable “glass” (material is unknown) eyes; he can’t actually see when they are removed, but takes them out for dramatic effect/cleaning
  • Very tall; 7ft at least
  • Top surgery scars (transmasc) + pronounced ribs under jacket; blood/flesh is bright green (like eyes)
  • “Weapon” is a cane with a skull on the end, mainly used as a prop
  • Can remove their head, and is fully conscious when doing so
  • Exact sexuality/orientation unknown, probably aspec (Does not experience sexual attraction but doesn’t mind getting intimate if their partner desires 😏)
  • Can appear/disappear in a cloud of smoke

Could totally be a tumblr sexyman (gender neutral):

  • Burton: One of Shaz's main design inspirations is the Burton-adjacent Haunted Mansion attraction, specifically the Hatbox Ghost character. Their design is meant to be stereotypically "spooky", similar to the ghosts from said attraction.
  • Distinctive Voice: Though having no canon voice actor, Shaz's voice is supposed to be an announcer-type voice much like Alastor from Hazbin Hotel or the Ghost Host.
  • Eldritch: Shaz has a generally unsettling demeanor, having a riddler-esque personality and nearly permanent grin. See also: Monster Features.
  • Eye Imagery: Shaz's eyes are... strange, to say the least. They're mismatched, with one being a spiral and the other featuring a skull-shaped pupil, and can be removed and replaced easily.
  • Gay: In addition to being gendervoid (canon lgbt), Shaz is abrosexual.
  • Glowing Neon: Shaz's neon green teeth and eyes glow in the dark.
  • Monster Features: Shaz is unnaturally tall (at least 8 feet but can fluctuate) and thin, with an unnatually wide smile, uniquely patterned eyes, and purple skin & hair.
  • Mysterious: Shaz's origin and history is unknown, and she tends to often literally hide in the shadows & appear/disappear whenever it chooses.
  • Nonhuman: Shaz is a gem (Shadow Zircon), and is therefore definitely not human.
  • Pale Twink: I mean... look at him.
  • Purple: Again. Just look at them.
  • Urban Legend Aesthetic: See Burton, Eldritch, and Monster Features.
  • Suitguy: Shaz's main outfit is a Victorian-inspired suit, based on one of her main design influences' appearance.
  • Long Coat/Cape/Robe/Etc: Somewhat relating to the last point, Shaz's signature outfit features a long cape and tailcoat.
  • White Twink Humanization: Though no canon humanization has been made at this time, Shaz's hypothetical human form would likely fit this category.