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Basic Info


B.J, Ben, Benny, Benjameister, B


Cis Female




October 5th


Adventurer Extraordinaire



English Voice:

Laura Bailey -

Theme Song:

Battle 1 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest



Benjamine is a woman of average height, about 5'5'' and she has a very well toned physique, giving her a slightly bulkier look. She has light brown skin and has a face with a somewhat boyish charm to it. Her face is generally very expressive, often emoting dramatically during conversations with others. Her large eyes are a light blue. She has smallish breasts, sitting at around an average B-cup, which she binds under her armor, so they don't move around too much. Her hair is exceptionally long, just reaching past her butt, and is a dark, wooden brown colour. It almost always look gracefully windswept and a little untidy.

She is typically clad in bright silver armour plating, with navy blue clothing underneath said armour. Said navy blue clothing has silver lining around the edges. On her belt, she can typically be seen carrying her bright silver sword, Kaeli. 



Benjamine is exceptionally brave, generally to a fault. She rushes into absolutely any situation without even thinking about the consequences. All she wants to do is be a hero, help people out and kick some butt. Of course, this leads her to falling into mess after mess, only to somehow miraculously survive by the skin of her teeth. While she isn't a walking disaster or anything, she always tends to get in way over her own head, which in turn leads to many problems for her.

She's an innocent optimist at heart, with unrelenting faith in herself and her 'abilities'. It's a shame, since those abilities are generally average at best and no matter how hard Benjamine tries, she will never be able to master any sort of skill, mostly because more advance techniques tend to be too complex for her to really remember.

She's probably one of the friendliest people you could ever meet too, always willing to hear a person's story. At the same time, she really doesn't know when she's being taken advantage of and tends to be more than just a little naive. This girl would probably give you the shirt off her own back if you asked her two, without a second thought.

Her favorite words are generally 'Awesome', 'Radical', 'Totally, 'Tubular', 'Gnarly' and other such words. 

She tries to act like she's got a talent for the ladies, but she has a tendency to stick her foot in her mouth when  chatting up girls, often saying the wrong thing or doing something... unfortunate.

She believes that nothing is easy and as such, there's no point in her backing down from a challenge, which is why she tends to rush into things a lot. 

She also believes that anyone is capable of doing good things, which means that even when faced with an enemy, she'll often treat them like a friend to perhaps get them tos top doing bad things. In her books, forgiveness is an important part of life and the sooner you learn that, your life gets a whole hell of a lot better!

It's important to note that while she is very confident in her abilities and skills, she is not full of herself or arrogant. She knows she still has a lot to learn, she's just confident with what skills she has.


To be properly determined. But the basic gist of it so far, is that she's an orphan who was later taken in by the owner of an Inn. She spent most of her young life around adventurers, hearing their stories and having them care for her just as much as her adoptive mother did. When she turned 18, she bought her own armour, sword and supplies for her own adventure. Leaving home, she's been searching for something big ever since, helping whoever she can along the way and just generally getting herself into trouble. When she was 10, she attempted to go out on her own adventure, only to have a slime monster swallow her and almost drown her completely.


Beer: She loves having a good, thorough drink at the local inn or tavern. In general, taverns and inns feel like home to her since that was where she lived for most of her life.

Being a Hero: She just loves the rush of being a hero and doing good deeds for others!

White Meat: She prefers poultry to red meats. It's mostly just a taste and texture sort of thing. She could probably eat an entire roast chicken to herself.

Women: Literally, adores just about every woman she meets and tends to just try and chat up anyone.


Slimes: She almost drowned in a slime monster once and it kind of fucked her up. In general, not being able to breathe just gets her really panicked. 


Extra Info

- Doesn't understand why people laugh when she calls herself B.J

- She really wants a girlfriend and always says she has an ex girlfriend. However she has never been in a proper relationship and whenever she talks about her ex, she's lying every time. The lies have a tendency to be... rather extravigant.

- Benjamine still carries around her favorite adventure story from when she was a kid. She likes rereading it every so often for nostalgia and the fact that it always leaves her blissful and full of content.

Benjamine's home, the Isle of Mystic, generally worships the illusive Shards. The Shards are said to have broken off from the Greater Crystals that once saved the neighboring continent of Quadrum. The shards haven't been seen in millennia, but people visit the foot of the mountain where they're said to reside  and pay their respects on a regular basis.

Benjamine believes that the 'Shards' do exist and hopes that she may be lucky enough to find them one day. However she doesn't consider herself a devout worshipper. Rather than rely on the 'Shards', she focuses more on her belief in others. Benjamine believes in people and herself more than any sort of deity. This can sometimes get her in trouble though, since she often puts her belief in someone who can't be trusted.