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早霧 (early fog)


Elnin by manaberry

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Enigmatic | Cryptic | Cold | Solitary | Guarded | Devoted | Fierce

No one seems to know where Sakiri came from and she wouldn't be able to tell anyone even if they asked. Nué had found her alone in the wilds of Kyendi sheltering under some fronds hissing at him to leave. But miasma season was fast approaching and Nué couldn't leave her to be subjected to the mana poisoning that was soon to sweep the land. He had convinced her over a few days to come with him back to their village protected in the mountains where she could choose to leave after the miasma had passed. That reluctant agreement had changed her life. She became extremely attached to Nué, one of the few elnin she could recall who had been kind to her despite her prickly exterior.

Despite accepting her new life and dwellings, she continues to keep to herself and is generally standoffish in nature. There's not many who are willing to speak to her and those who do are often met with a cold stare and a flick of her tail. Nué and his mother Suiko do their best to gently encourage her to open up to others. With Nué usually being the one who steps in to smooth over any confrontations she may have caused. In turn, if anyone hurts or threatens her dear friend she is fiercely protective and would lay her life on the line for him if it ever came down to it.

Sakiri and Nué have a unique connection and understanding and he's eager for others to see her good side. For now, the only elnin she feels comfortable enough to show any affection towards is Nué and tentatively Suiko. But that may change in time...

Main Traits

Tail Style: Marsh
Crown: Cl. Sigil

Hereditary Traits
*planned traits

Luminous animaLeggy Fluff
*Gloom Kissed
*Hallowed Gaze