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Male, He/Him




7'2" / 218 cm

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Bounty Hunter


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"Can't have someone else causing problems for you on your bounties, that's supposed to be my job."


Umbra is a dedicated bounty hunter, with a primary goal on keeping those he cares about protected. He has a strong sense of self-preservation, having a strong dislike for subjugating figures and establishments which seek to subject those to their whims. He also has strong dislike for being lied to, and is no stranger to holding grudges.

He has a very fun-loving, somewhat cocky demeanor, often turning simple actions or boring tasks into challenges for those he's working with to entice them to have a bit of fun with it. He takes on responsibilities with a mindset of getting them done sooner rather than later. He can respect those who have a more individualistic outlook on life, and it is often these sorts of people that Umbra finds himself working with more often than not.


  • Umbra's tattoo on his right arm is meant to depict the god Fys before the deity tore itself in two. He additionally has a very poorly drawn tattoo of a Mockhund on his inner upper arm on his left side.
  • Umbra typically wears his hair in a bun, with the sides and back of his head shaved. However, in casual settings, he will let it hang down, most commonly falling over his left side.
  • Umbra has a forked Immanu tongue similar to his brother, as well as pointed canines similar to fangs and a wolf tail. The tail is not optional in full-body art of him.
  • Umbra has pointed nails that he paints black. This should be depicted in art if his nails are drawn, at the very least in black spots at the tips of his fingers to indicate his nails.
  • Umbra has a small amount of stubble on his jaw, but none on his lip / mustache area. He does shave regularly, and doesn't let it get past a certain length.



A determined and strong-willed individual, Umbra is a reliable asset and dependable resource, should you need to call on him. He enjoys poking fun every now and then, making simple or menial tasks into a friendly competition in order to make doing them a bit easier. He cares immensely for his brothers, willing to drop anything and rush to their aid or rescue with no questions asked.

Umbra vehemently hates being lied to, and holds grudges for an extremely long time if slighted. Should you breach his trust, it will take a lot of time and effort to repair the wound. To this end, he also dislikes cheating at games. They are meant to be fun, so in his eyes, cheating removes the fun of the game.


  • Playful
  • Charismatic
  • Dependable
  • Resourceful


  • Stubborn
  • Closed-Off
  • Unforgiving
  • Headstrong


  • Games / Challenges
  • Swords
  • Birds
  • Warm Toned Colors


  • Feral Daemons
  • Set Outcomes / Rigged Matches
  • Lying
  • Sailing / Sea Travel


  • Umbra is heasitant about the idea of utilizing a Daemon without having it serve a specific task, after losing his own.
  • Umbra's true name is "Androkta", but only four people exist to know it. He began using the pseudonym "Umbra" as a cover for his bounty hunting activities to protect his family.
  • Despite coming from a bloodline that was highly skilled with Magitech, Umbra's skills have waned over the past decade due to a lack of practice.
  • Umbra is a smoker, something he picked up in his early 20's while working at the Viper's Den. He doesn't do it super often, but he does keep some form of tobacco on him more often than not.



Character Inventory

Stormbringer's Eclipse [ Two-Handed Sword ]

Umbra's personal sword and weapon of choice. The blade has a charm embedded into it that can be activated to produce the lightning that amplifies the blade.

Umbra wields the sword with two hands, and typically has it strapped to his back while doing bounties or other missions.


A golden pin bearing the visage of the Evenstar's Beacon insignia. The pin contains a charm that allows Umbra to sense deformations in land made by creatures up to 36 hours prior, and assists with tracking down bounties.

Umbra wears it fastened to his jacket.

Replier [ Communications Device ]

A handheld communications device that looks like it's had a few homemade modifications done to it. Umbra uses this to utilize the replier networks to communicate with others.

There is a small welded charm of a Mockhund face attached to the replier, made by Umbra's youngest brother. The replier itself looks a little dinged up, but still perfectly functional.




The alloy element is one of two types of progress elements. Alloy-ists conduct fysa through themselves to create something new. It includes the creation of plasts. Alloy is the opposite of clay.


This is an active fysa.

Umbra's talent allows his fingertips to send out a jolt of static electricity. Drier environments temporarily strengthen the talent's capacity while damper environments temporarily weaken it. (A pinch of pain, like an ear piercing at its strongest vs. the feeling of something crawling on you at its weakest.)


This is an active fysa.

Umbra's talent allows him to manipulate pre-existing shadows, allowing him to temporarily enshroud himself in darkness and seemingly 'move through' the shadows. Shining bright light on him while this talent is active will deactivate it.


This is an active fysa.

Daemons are creatures of the mind, created out of both Fysa (physical magic) and Aria (spiritual magic) which has been imprinted upon by the soul of a sentient. Some witches summon daemons not as partners, but to use them as temporary fighters, as messengers, as scouts, or for other menial work.

These daemons are weaker but lack self preservation. They do not have a focus eye and will fade if not destroyed.

The daemons that Umbra summons often look bird-adjacent, as a way to remember his first friend and Daemon, Enyx, who no longer is living.


This is a passive fysa.

The user can inherently understand some of the circuitry of magic, being able to deconstruct how it works. Magitech may whisper to them instructions on how to use it. They can sense the presence of active magitech even at a distance of 100 meters (109 yards).



The ash element includes physical "aspects" of the world (light, fire, water, earth, and air) and is the most common element. Its users can manipulate one or several of these aspects to their will. Ash is the counterpart to the intangible divine element.

Heat [ Common ]

Heat is a base aspect of the Ash Fysa which governs heat and flame. All chimia start with either this fysa, Flow, Light, or Land. All kheiraa start with either this fysa, Flow, Wind, or Land.

This is an active fysa. Users can sense heat more keenly. Its users can 'see' heat vision instead of light vision, though their vision is obscured by barriers which prevent heat waves from coming through.

A user is normally heat resistant, less likely to be burned by fire and other heat sources (they can disperse the heat right back into the air). They are good at regulating their body's temperature, able to hold onto heat for longer or disperse it faster.

One can manipulate fire, though it's hard to keep it from burning things and it will snuff out without fuel.


Early Life

Born as the eldest son to a long line of highly capable Magitech users, Androkta was raised more around mechanical pieces and magical creations than his own parents. They cared more for their projects than the child they had created. As a result, when he was five, Androkta created a friend for himself - A daemon. Such proficiency in Alloy magic was amazing for a child, but due to the nature of his prodigal advancements being unrelated to magitech, Androkta's parents did nothing to emphasize or reward the behavior. This didn't bother Androkta much. He had already been entertaining himself with his new Daemon friend, whom he had named Enyx. When Androkta's parents realized that he would be more engaged if his Daemon partner was nearby, he would be too. His parents began to allow the Daemon into the room when they taught him, though they expressed quite often how much of a bother the organic creature was.

When Androkta was ten, a year after his second brother, Vyktor, was born, a terrible Aria storm struck the family's home and surrounding area. With torrential rains and lightning, the family home incurred some damages, but ultimately everyone was okay. Despite the rain having come and gone, the energy was still high in the area. Being a naive child at the age of 10, Androkta left the home to play with Enyx. The two were subsequently attacked by feral Daemons drawn to the area. Androkta miraculously survived the ordeal, but his Daemon was slain. Frantically trying to re-summon his beloved friend and only turning up unstable Daemons that could hardly hold their forms, Androkta was crushed.


For the next three years after Enyx' death, Androkta would become closed-off to his already emotionally unavailable parents. Their efforts to push Androkta into studies and Magitech work prompted pushback, and on occasion, violent outbursts. On more than one occasion, Androkta intentionally fried his parents' work through his talent when they got into argumentative spats. The thirteen year old had one external solace, an Archtrite he had hatched that he had named Riven. The hole in his heart where Enyx had once been was not filled, but Androkta's affinity for avian creatures definitely eased some of the pain. Riven additionally loved Androkta's siblings, but despised his parents. The Archtrite was a good judge of character, and Androkta couldn’t care less about the concept of skewing her opinion.

When Androkta was sixteen, he snapped at his parents for the final time. Refusing to allow his parents to continue to neglect his much younger siblings as they had him, Androkta told his parents in no uncertain terms that he was taking them and leaving. His parents refused to allow this, leading to a physical altercation between them and Androkta. Unashamed to use his talent against them, Androkta summoned a flood of Daemons to stall his parents as he grabbed both siblings and a bag he had packed ahead of time. He loaded them up onto Riven and took off, ignoring his parents’ vicious yells for him to return.

In time, he made his way to Ichorrai and made contact with an individual known only as “The Viper.” Androkta was allowed to work in his establishment, “The Viper’s Den”, and partake in his Circle, known as “The Evenstar’s Beacon”, in exchange for assistance with some less-than-legal work. Seeing it as an opportunity to provide for himself and his brothers, Androkta took on the position, taking on a pseudonym “Umbra”, to conceal the actions he took whilst employed there from coming back on his family.


Umbra climbed the ranks of the Evenstar’s Beacon quickly by means of his determination and headstrong nature. He eventually reached the title of “Morningstar”, placing him within The Viper’s inner circle, along with a Leyr whom Umbra had seen as something of a role model. However, Umbra preferred to stay out of the illegal activities, now that his brothers were beginning to seek out their own dreams. As such, Umbra turned to bounty hunting - an additional lucrative job, and served the purpose of eliminating competitors to The Viper’s business ventures. During this time, He made the acquaintance of another recent Morningstar appointee, Iphae, and turned their co-working relationship into something of a playful rivalry. With the financial security that being a high-ranking Beacon member provided, Umbra moved him and his brothers to the city of Immitheus, carving out a home for them there away from the corrupt activities of Ichorrai.

With his brother Vyktor beginning to hone his skills as a tattoo artist, Umbra allowed himself to be a living test canvas. Vyktor’s first tattoo - a scrawled and messy depiction of a Mockhund - came to exist on the inside of his left upper arm. When Vyktor’s skills improved, he allowed Vyktor to have free reign over tattooing something on him, resulting in his full sleeve tattoo on his right arm of the deity Fys, prior to being torn asunder.

Following the excavation of the old Immanu ruins within the city, Umbra assisted those living there with dismantling ancient technology, bringing remnants home for his siblings to experiment on. This led to their basement becoming even further of a scrapyard littered with unfinished projects. The most notable of which being an android body that would eventually come to house the Esprit N0V4, who had taken a shine to both Vyktor and his associate Kris.

Current Events

Umbra still works as a bounty hunter and Morningstar, supporting his former role model in his ascension as “The Director” and taking the place of the new Evenstar. With his brothers largely settled into their own lives, Umbra is slowly learning how to unwind and truly appreciate life, free of the responsibilities he thrust upon himself in search of a better life for his family. However, he has been slow to open up, and getting him to let his guard down around those he doesn’t fully trust has been difficult.


Positive Relationships

Iphae [ Co-worker & Boyfriend (?) ]
| |

Umbra loves harrassing Iphae and subjecting him to taunts and challenges whenever he runs into him on bounties. However, he respects the Leyr, and will listen if Iphae warns him that he's starting to cross the line. The two have worked together as Morningstars for the Beacon for many years now, but it's only in the past year that the two have gotten closer. Umbra trusts Iphae immensely, and he knows Umbra's real name, making him only one of four people who know it.

He has something of a relationship with the big Leyr, though neither of them have addressed it directly. Umbra seems to be waiting for the best opportunity to do so, but the time hasn't exactly come around yet...

Vyktor [ Brother ]
| |

Vyktor is Umbra's youngest brother. He is protective over him, but allows him to live his own life. Umbra took on a parental role for Vyktor after he took him and their other brother from their parents' home. He respects Vyktor's mechanical talent, impressed at how good he is at creating new things. He knows Umbra's real name, making him one of four who do.

Umbra trusts him, but his penchant for rigging matches and setting pre-orgainized endings to games rubs him the wrong way. Even so, Umbra is always willing to come to Vyktor's rescue, should he need it. No questions asked.

Tyvus [ Brother ]
| |

Tyvus is Umbra's younger brother, making him the middle child in a family of three. Umbra took on a parental for Tyvus after he took him and their other brother from their parents' home. Umbra respects his dilligence when it comes to mechanical projects, but just wishes they didn't take up so much of the house. He knows Umbra's real name, making him one of four who do.

Umbra hasn't seen a lot of Tyvus as of late due to work and Tyvus helping his new partner over in Lireah, but Umbra is only one replier away from coming to his aid, should he ever need it.

"The Director" [ Co-worker / Boss ]
| |

A fellow Morningstar, Umbra met "The Director" during his early years while working at the Viper's Den. As he rose through the ranks, the shorter Leyr was somewhat of a motivator for Umbra, pushing him to work even harder to get up to the upper echelons of the Beacon. He knows Umbra's real name, making him one of four who do.

With the current change in leadership, Umbra respects him, and honestly thinks that the Director makes the best possible option for running the Den. His only gripe is that he wishes that the Director would give him all the assignments he wa needed for in Ichorrai in one message so that he wouldn't have to bounce around on the teleporters so freqently.

Neutral Relationships

Seethe [ Friend ]
| |

A very energetic Immanu, Umbra thinks Seethe is pretty cool. They don't talk a whole lot, unless Seethe is in trouble or he needs something, but Umbra doesn't dislike their interactions.

He stops by every now and then when he's in Ichorrai to drop something off for Seethe he finds during Nightmarket busts. He's honestly just glad to talk to an Immanu who isn't tech-minded. Science experiments he can handle.

"Rhincodon" [ Co-Worker ]
| |

A fellow Morningstar, Umbra doesn't honestly have the best read on the Human yet. "The Director" seems to trust the guy enough to make him a Morningstar, so Umbra respects him, and trusts him enough to turn his back on the shark, but they don't have much of a personal relationship besides that.

Umbra seems willing to show him around, seeing as the Director is now running the show, and Umbra has been there the second-longest, so it's likely they'll end up having more conversations later down the line.

Balamel [ Aquaintance ]
| |

Umbra isn't quite sure where to start when it comes to Balamel, aside from looking straight up. The two met through Iphae on one of the Leyr's bounties that Umbra crashed. They've had a few surface conversations, but Balam is pretty unreadable to Umbra.

If they run into eachother more, Umbra might warm up to him. After all, anybody Iphae can tolerate repeatedly can't be too unbearable. He does wonder why the guy keeps trying to eat his nail polish, though...

Negative Relationships

Misha [ Co-worker & Annoyance ]
| |

Another Morningstar in the ranks of the Beacon, Umbra tries to interact with Misha as little as he can. Umbra isn't a fan of organized crime, and he's fairly certain Misha's got at least a handful of bounties on his head - if only he could find them.

The guy generally seems harmless to Umbra specifically, and he's proven to be trustworthy, but that doesn't mean Umbra can't be annoyed by him every now and then.

Rhesh [ Unwilling Aquaintance ]
| |

A Ptheran who works alongside Umbra's brother in rigging races, Umbra has a disdain for him already. They haven't interacted much, and Umbra is civil with him for the sake of his brother, but that doesn't mean that he likes him.

There is a chance that Umbra could warm up to him if the two were to spend time with eachother beyond passing glances when the Ptheran spends the night, but Umbra would be hard pressed to willingly hang out with him without Vyktor being present.


Evenstar's Beacon [ Morningstar ]

Lighting the way to pleasure and pain.

A secretive yet prestigious Circle that operates out of the nightclub, The Viper's Den, Evenstar's Beacon provides skilled labour, prioritizing assassins, skilled fighters, and anyone with unique talents, when not fronting as a simple hall of debauchery.

Umbra has been working in The Viper's Den since he was sixteen, moving through the ranks up to the highest level - Morningstar. He provides assistance and helps solve problems for The Director, regardless of how distasteful they may be.

Outer Circle [ Veteran ]

Freedom. No matter the cost.

Members of the Outer Circle wish to support those living in the shadows of others, and to maintain freedom no matter the cost. They believe strongly in living in accordance of nature's rules, rather than trying to tame it-- to them, the ancient ruins are a warning, not a promise. They know the pros and cons of their environment and wish for others to see its blessings and live with its curses. A member of the outer circle would never sell their freedom for comfort.