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Before you enter my account please be aware 


dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaI do not take requests Art trades and collabs are closed
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaAll of my designs and art are protected by Copyright
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaArt theft, tracing, stealing etc is not tolerated at all
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaAny suspicious, malicious or scam accounts will be blocked
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaUnless stated otherwise (or I have drawn the artwork for you)
 you are not allowed to use my art without permission
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaa Anyone breaking my rules will be banned/blocked

My Original Characters
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaAll of my OCs listed in my OCs folder are OFF LIMITS
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaa please do not offer on these characters.All of my original characters are forever homed.
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaYou are allowed to draw any of my characters but please link me to the post and give credits!
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaI do not accept any NSFW art whatsoever, do not draw any of my characters NSFW please!
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaYou are not allowed to use or roleplay with any of my characters.


dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaYou must read the and agree to my rules before purchasing: Adopt Rules
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaDo not offer lower prices, art, characters etc on Set Price Adoptables, these are for USD only! 


Free Bases, Lineart, Page Decor, Backgrounds and Icons
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaRules must be followed when using any of my free bases or lineartPlease read the folder description before using
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaDon't forget to give credits!


Private Resources
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaThese are off limits to use, you cannot use any of these bases unless you own a MYO
dey694r-603a3412-ba98-4cb6-842e-3b93ccaaThese are only for MYO designs, not for free use!

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