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Basic Info




Dark Fly/Swim Chao (two-tone turquoise)




May 6


Timid but determined chao girl who wants to be her very best. Naturally keeps to herself but also wants to be more comfortable with making friends and socializing. Self-conscious about her appearance as a dark chao, since she's afraid her horns and flipper feet make her look too monstrous. Easily flustered and easily pleased.
She's been around for a while, but her personality is probably closest to Lillie of the Pokemon series. (・_・;)

Tiamat is a nerd for biology and nature, especially marine bio. She will often take walks alone and take pictures of and notes about any wildlife or plant life she comes across in order to read about it.

Quick personality notes:

  • Very shy and easily flustered/embarrassed
  • Reserved and quiet
  • Low self esteem but always tries her best
  • Needs to relax and be alone to decompress as socializing takes a lot out of her
  • Incredibly sweet and considerate, sensitive to everyone's feelings
  • She's sweet as a button until you tick her off or embarrass her, where she shouts and stammers as she chews you out
  • Type B tsundere

Quick background:

  • She loves the water but isn't actually very good at swimming. She prefers to relax in the water instead; this relaxation time is very important to her and she hates it being interrupted.
  • She gets very embarrassed when having to swim around others and is also very self-conscious of her appearance, she generally doesn't enjoy "beach days" because of this
  • She's close with Pilvi and admires her for being so cool and put together (in Tiamat's eyes), she looks up to her almost like a mentor. She feels the most confident when Pilvi is around to make her feel safe

Other stuff:

  • Aesthetic/themes -- pretty, cute, comfy, feminine, soft, water
  • Loves pink and blue, frills, hair accessories, and comfy cute sleepwear
  • She's busty and prefers to hide it a bit but doesn't do a great job lol
  • Her hair is always long and floofy