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Love comes with sacrifices.
Kara Amoris
They/Them, She/Her
September 8
Human-faced deer
Rose, cinnamon, peach
  • Rain
  • Herbal teas
  • Ribbons & bows
  • Music
  • Art
  • Spicy food
  • Too much sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Loud noises
  • Crowds
  • Running
  • ...

Kind. Caring. Affectionate. Soft-spoken. Idealist. Gullible. Welcoming. Altruistic. Obstinate. Understanding. Forgiving. Polite. Timid. Courageous. Worried. Crafty. Pacifist.

A single mother who struggles to earn a good living. She was rescued by the only person truly willing to help her. He was wealthy and lived in a big villa. He gave her the freedom to choose whatever she desired to do with her life. After a good amount of time living under his roof, they fell in love and got married. But one day, he disappeared, leaving her all alone with his daughter. With her protector now gone, they hounded her, threatened her until she lost almost everything. She now lives in a studio apartment with her step-daughter, barely able to sustain them both.

  • Blind. Sacrificed her eyes so that her daughter could see again. As such, her other senses are enhanced. Can hear the most inaudible of sounds, even despite all the noises around her. And has a stronger sense of smell. Quickly adapts to new surroundings. Will always ask permission before touching others.
  • On the outside, she seems calm and collected. But in reality, she tends to repress negative emotions and feelings, releasing them only once she's alone, through various means.
  • Because of her constant feeling of vulnerability, she seeks protection wherever she can. Yet doesn't want to be a burden to others either.
  • Used to people approaching her first, rather than taking the initiative herself. Thus, rarely does so, unless it's someone she's close to.
  • Rarely speaks unless the other person expects an answer, as she prefers listening instead. Always there if someone needs an attentive ear. Curious about other people's opinions and beliefs.
  • Due to the big ribbon partially hiding her facial expressions, she has developed the habit of expressing her emotions directly with words. So to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Often sings when she's alone or around someone she's comfortable with. Gave up on her dream of becoming a singer, for her daughter's sake.
  • During her free time, can be found painting on a canvas or piece of wood. An alternative way to get some extra money. May also accept commissions in exchange for food and other goods.



A transman who saved her during the darkest period of her life. Will forever be grateful to him. Vanished.



"Lily". Chris' biological child. Her whole world. Gave her her eyes following an accident that severely damaged hers.



The witch who agreed to transfer her eyes to her daughter using magic. They remained in contact afterwards.