Devin [Aye-Aye]



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  • 11273931?1622141953
  • Age Ancient [Visually 26-27]
  • SexMale ♂ [Any Pronouns]
  • SpeciesEntity Witch [Death Bringer]
  • RaceN/A [American accent]
  • SexualityHomosexual / Aromantic
  • Marital StatusSingle
  • AlignmentChaotic/True Evil

Probably the meanest guy you'll ever meet, Devin is a truly devilish villain out to harm others for his own entertainment. He's cruel, rude and purposely studies people to pull out their weak points and use it against them (not the guy you want to be around)... unless he likes you, then Devin is extremely helpful and reliable

[✔] SFW ۰  [✔] NSFW ۰ [✔] Gore
- Can be drawn with ANY hair colour!
You can ask about character friendships and 'flings'
but keep in mind Devin is REALLY MEAN, he's NOT a nice guy at all.




Weight: 70 kgs / 154 lbs
Origin: Unknown
Height: 1,75 m / 5'9
Build: Slim/Light Muscle
Personality: Crafty | Wicked | Alluring | Unpredictable | Chaotic | Bold
Theme:  ♫  
  • Ruining people's lives, Being a jerk, Halloween, Horror, Splatter/Gore
  • Apocalyptic clothing, Potions, Monsters, Andrew, his mean friend
  • Human Children & Babies, Core
  • Arguing, Nagging, Order, Boredom
  • Rejection, Hip-Hop, Pop, Indie, Asian music


Occupation:Musician & Necromancer
Alternate Forms:Humanoid (Orig.), CinnadogAsura, Maskcatz
Obtained:Designed myself
Worth:A LOT


Devin is an ageless and deathless entity that takes on a humanoid form and wreaks havoc in the mortal world. Where he came from is unknown but demons have confirmed he not from their dimension, nor is he 'earth born'. He arrived in the mortal dimension far before humans were even considered a species, he's old, very old, but at the same time, young, in many places, a set age is non-existent by Devin as he can be anything, everything. Like many entities like himself, shape shifting is common, although not every entity chooses to morph themselves like Devin does frequently. 
Devin takes joy and pleasure in reaping the souls from living creatures and then resurrecting them as brain-dead walking corpses. Entertainment is his primary reason for this. Over eons he pulled cruel pranks like this twisted into chaos, death and despair among many civilizations. He became a horribly infamous figure among many cultures, bringer of death, toying with the deceased like puppets on stage.



Random Facts

  • Referred to as a 'Witch' but he's an entity, he just exists, never was an infant nor child, he just exists as he is. Deathless and ageless just like Eldwin, Cecil and Bradán.
  • Able to cross dimensions (like demons and angels) and even step into the blank 'Limbo' of existence, he hates it there though "what a lame ass party here"
  • On Halloween he smashes people's pumpkins and mailboxes because he's a jerk and thinks it's funny.
  • Knows Eldwin, Cecil, and Brádan for eons, they are all ancient entities, fixed in time
  • Cecil is his best friend and ex boyfriend, despite their vast differences in morals. Cecil is friendly, calm and generally neutral in nature, morals and opinions. Devin is chaotic, a true villain and nearly moral-less. 
  • Can play any musical instrument but he prefers: Electric guitar, Accordion, and the Theremin. Is also skilled with vocals but only backs while Andrew leads, in their band
  • Fluctuates with Countertenor and Tenor, his voice is generally middle-high. Although he could manipulate his voice to any pitch, he's most times sings as a 'tenor'. Dark, smooth but slightly raspy and sassy in attitude.
  • Able to shape shift, he often abuses this ability to scare people. Making hideous and horrifying faces usually. (Think of 'pennywise' in this case, with many toothy grins)
  • Can create temporary doubles and illusions (another thing he uses to be a dickbutt witch or to impress others)
  • Not much of the relationship type guy but he doesn't think it's impossible for him to be in one. He makes it really hard on people who are interested in him though, he has scared most of them off in the end. Which he doesn't care about. "If they run off, then they aren't worth my time".
  • In an edgy weird and horror themed band with Andrew (his best demon friend) <3. Devin is the guitarist. They sleep around sometimes with each other but have no romantic relationship going on. When asked if they are a couple because of the blunt suggestive behavior on stage, they both laugh it off
  • Unable to reproduce and is actually glad about that. He hates babies and children. He isn't sexless or anything he just is unable to spread his genes, he is a singular entity that cannot be mixed, bred, recreated in any way etc. 
  • Vanishes/teleports in shadows and green embers, sometimes just melts through the wall causing the wallpaper or paint around him to deteriorate or rot, he also rots the ground he walks on sometimes
  • Devin generally doesn't have any empathy for anything or anyone. Which makes his relationships very complicated. The select few people he actually 'loves' is his band (Andrew, Sam, and Zolani), Addison, Limbo, Zachary (so Andrew's family), Cecil, Brádan and Eldwin (whom he considers his 'family'), no named demon, lastly his favored ex Maves. This small circle are people he values and wouldn't do harm to (at least not on purpose) 
  • His closest friends are Andrew, (No Name Demon), and Maves, he'd jump hoops for them actually


[ Good Friend ] Andrew's son and a good friend of Devins. Addison has a huge crush on Devin but Devin turned him down, kindly (surprisingly). He cares deeply about Addison but has no romantic relationship with him, they're just friends who hang out and are there for each other when needed. He's usually designing and practicing music with Addison.



[ Best Friend/Band mate ] A good friend of Devin and his band mate, Andrew is the singer and Devin plays guitar. The two understand each other very well since they are both rather 'devious' creatures who enjoy terrorizing others. They also have a rather intimate friendship, despite having no romantic interest in each other. Although Andrew claims if he didn't have Limbo, Devin would be his alternative husband. 



[ Good Friend ] Ex boyfriend and best friend still, the two are both ancient witches who've known each other for ages. (Longer than Devin knows Eldwin). Cecil is the calm caring opposite of him



[ Band mate ] Drummer of the band, Sam and Devin quarrel a lot like he and Andrew do too, but none of it serious, they all care about each other and remain strong good friends. The three just enjoy teasing and insulting each other. It's simply part of their nature. 



[ Band mate ] Bassist of the band, they're good friends as well but not best friends. Devin likes Zolani's calm cool behavior, and sometimes asks him to assist him with potion testing. Zolani finds it amusing to watch Devin test potions on unfortunate souls (usually mortals)



[ Good Friend ] Being ancient witches together, the two know each other for ages, not as long as Brádan and Eldwin know each other but still, very long. The two often make potions together or hang out at night pranking humans and other creatures.  



[ Good Friend / Ex Boyfriend ] Devin's last ex who relates far more to Devin than Cecil. Their relationship lasted triple the time as Devin's and Cecil's, and ended on unknown terms, no bitterness is between the two as they continue to have a strong friendship. Devin often talks highly of Maves towards others, complimenting his looks and admiring his magical skills and abilities.