Pluto Effo



6 years, 11 months ago


Pluto is an alien robot on a mission. She's got a sweet space ship which crash landed onto Earth (or whatever her universe's equivalent of Earth is). Effectively my mascot, especially in my art. Sort of a main character in a game world I'm working on.

She has a copy ability that allows her to scan and download certain things, so she's able to transform her arms and legs into buster guns, hammers, rockets and the like. She doesn't naturally have legs (she normally hovers like a UFO), but ends up copying them from a friend she makes on "Earth" so she can more easily blend in with humans. She's really clumsy when walking since she's not used to it.

Hypervigilant, quick temper, and takes herself way too seriously in a crazy and comedic world. All of these traits are played for laughs 99% of the time. Think of her voice as angry Mayumi Shintani.

She as a character takes inspiration from Earthbound, Mega Man, Kirby, and Sasuke from the Ganbare Goemon series. Also Jenny Wakeman kinda!

Some notes about Pluto, especially if you want to draw her:

  • Pluto is NOT to be drawn in any mature/NSFW situations or suggestive poses.
  • Just call her Pluto.
  • She is a robot and thus genderless, but seems to have settled on being female-aligned, but genuinely doesn't get the concept of or care about pronouns; she, they, anything is fine.
  • Pluto also does not have an associated sexual or romantic orientation because it's irrelevant to her and her story. Technically you could consider her aroace, but she really doesn't identify with anything except being Pluto.
  • You can draw her with or without legs, don't worry about plotline stuff. She does have an official leg design, but you can always put her in leggings or whatever if you want, it's really up to you.
  • Since she has a copy ability, feel free to draw her with any array of devices or gadgets (her arms transform, mainly) because once she copies something, she can morph and de-morph it at will.
  • If you want to interpret her with her hair down, go crazy. I've only done it once.
  • She has a chip/space in her teeth towards the side of her mouth that I like to draw her with, and I usually like to see it drawn too but it's not required. Just note that this detail is not in the center of her mouth,¬†it's towards her left side (or right, I don't actually care which side).
  • Don't forget her antennae and face plates!

Other stuff

phys. description and notes to self about design and overview:

  • pretty short, only about 4'11" or so
  • fully sentient and adaptable artificial life form; effectively a robot but way more fantastical and essentially has a human brain (and more)
  • body is made out of a combination of silicone, metal, and mostly malleable stuff that i don't know the chemical composition of but allows decent mobility and flexibility. legs are a new addition, and are wobbly but reinforced with metal pieces¬†
  • haven't decided if she's a bio-robot or just made out of highly adaptable(?) synthetic material. her main gimmick as a character (story-wise and hypothetical game-wise) is being able to "download" and copy abilities, and i haven't decided how exactly she does that yet
  • hair is light blue, has blunt bangs and sidebangs (similar to hime cut but not quite) that have gotten out of control and haven't been properly maintained to keep them straight/clean cut. she doesn't really care about this or notice, just cuts them herself when they get too long. (maybe hair doesn't actually grow and is also synthetic? and she just cut it shittily herself)