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Name Prim Viano
species android
Gender male
oreint. panromantic
creator prickly
Occupation helps around for payment
age 16
worth $1,033.72

very happy and energetic he'll try to find the best in everyone and everything unless it is overshadowed by the bad in which he'll simple use his time on others. he is very optimistic and greatly enjoys being with his friends.

he can sometimes be very mildly mischievous and over obsessive about certain things he finds interest in but will greatly respect the boundaries of others.

he hates being involved any kind of confrontation and is scared of getting in fights

physical description
  • 5'4 ft / 152.4 cm tall with an average build of an active 16 year old male, skinny and mildly athletic 
  • a cute soft face shape, often gets mistaken for a girl and would be mistaken for being much younger if he wasent as tall as he is
  • light skin with sky blue short hair with his left eye almost always covered by his hair when its down
  • wide eyes the same color as his hair and he is almost always smiling or tries to keep up a smile
  • his covered eye is cracked and a slightly duller blue color compared to his uncovered eye
  • usually wears comfy clothes most notably a red light hoodie, jeans and basic maroon tennis shoes and two red hair clips

prim is an android built by a robotics company called "premiere" who makes and sells humanoid robot assistants made for physical labor and storing information for households and businesses 

he was bought by a man named Bruce viano, a 35 year old computer programmer from San Diego California who makes and sells 3rd party software for these robots that can make them talk and act differently, he installs his latest creation "the freewill program" into prim after activating him and after ironing out all the bugs he sells the code online and makes a hefty profit

prim meanwhile with his new freewill and personality quickly takes to learning everything he can about being alive and the world around him, making friends and developing his own identity over the years and getting a job and girlfriend. he developed a love for the ocean and aquatic life from living so close to the ocean and going to aquariums but unfortunately he cannot go in water or he will short out and cease to function 

a year after prim was given the software Bruce gave the same program to prims now younger brother Keene viano who is a newer version of his robot species from the same company because users of the freewill program wanted it to work for the new robots too. prim loves his younger brother and considers him one of his only real family as does Keene to prim

Bruce doesn't care for them and simply wanted to test his program to make a profit and often neglects them in favor of using the internet and up-keeping his website. prim doesn't mind this much and spends most of his time out of the house and actually doesn't like being home or around Bruce due to an incident involving him that caused prims broken eye which he covers with his hair, Keene regrets that day and has hated Bruce ever since and is also fine with almost never seeing or speaking to Bruce

prims dream is to work in ocean conservation and run his own aquarium and help endangered species of fish and sea mammals and to be able to swim without shorting out

RIBBONS                                                                                                                        🎀
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  • all fish and sea life
  • the ocean
  • story heavy video games
  • being outside especially at night
  • nautical sailor aesthetic
  • fast food especially places that do weird limited time foods
  • being around his friends
  • eating fish and seafood
  • sea world
  • when people keep fish in tiny tanks
  • geese or swans
  • fighting
  • showing or being asked about his eye
  • people who are unnecessarily mean or swear way to much
Keene viano | younger brother

Prims 15 year old younger brother,
hes also a robot from the same
company as Prim but a newer model.
hes a bit feisty and will protect his more pacifistic brother from the slightest hostility.
he likes wearing brand name clothes and anything in his favorite color scheme black and gold.

Athena | girlfriend

Prims girlfriend he met at a beach gift shop. she is also a robot but not from Prims company, she loves mythology and the stars and likes looking at them with Prim, shes very eccentric and likes doing things on impulse and always wears light flowy clothing and pretty accessories. her and Prim are almost always hanging out when they can

Meena Adhara | friend

a long time friend of Prim, Prim met her when visiting a clothing shop Meenas owner runs and was surprised to meet another robot like him, shes a bit shy and greatly enjoys space and the solar system and hopes to go to space one day. she loves her owner, Luna adhara, and sees her as her mother

Reese Bernadette | acquaintance

Prim met Reese through Keene when he met her at a robotic fight show, shes a bit odd and says and does weird things due to her freewill software being buggy from her owner pirating the code but shes very nice regardless and loves listening to music while training and fighting