Ness/Palila's Comments

May i be pinged?

For what?

anyone on my th

Thank you so much for letting me know! I hate when I dont know who made what, but the original owners never put them so ahh. Thank you!

Damn I just got scammed,, 

Alrighty bought them but I hope this gets sorted 😩

Scamming isn't funny. And if u didn't do it then someone is running around impersonating you. If it wasn't you should probably hide ur characters.

Don't remember unfortunately, all I hv is me talking to a leader Abt it :']

They were on a adopts amino and yes they did

Go into edit character and there should be a thing that says visibility and u can set it to nobody

Hello there, sorry if its rude to do a comment like this but I was wondering if someday if you end up loosing connection to her, maybe you could let me know about it? Sorry if it is weird to ask. 

Hey! Sorry for my late reply I don't check comments often, but the person I traded her with what's her back and they're probably going ufo again if you'd like to offer I can inform them when I traded her back to them ^^

Oh I saw and well so far I do not have anything that they will accept since well I do not have a image limit of what ness has to be able to trade a character so far.

Though this character is a dreamie and I would love to be able to own them and to draw them and ect.

Well, ness's worth so far is at 200$ but if you have a character with alot of hq pictures, scenes that is maybe worth less then that it'd maybe work! But I will definitely inform them about ur interest and maybe they will see someone they like and trade Ness for 

Well I already talked to them about that of when they still had ness for offers. But thanks for the help.