oh my bad i'll fix that now, thank you for the heads up!!

Omg when this code is ready to be used could I possibly be told? I am in love with it

good news, I just released it!

Super cool! I gotta take commisions to nab some dollars after I finish owed work lol. I wanted to quickly ask abt the badges? Like just a bit of clarification on the "you can only use this for unova" bit. If we made our own image of badges, could we use those? I have a fan region or two lol

Yes! I just mean you can only use the unova badges that I made in this layout, not anywhere else. You're welcome to use whatever badge assets you like, I just don't wish for these to be used outside of this layout.

AAAAA this code is the best one ever, I love it!

thank you!!

Love how this looks! Tbh a ton of Pokémon RP groups would totally benefit from this. Great job!

I hope so!! Thank you 😊

oh i'm most definitely going to use this code once you release it, this is fantastic!!!

Thank you, and thank you for your patience! It's now released 😊

Yoo this is such a cool code, amazing work!

Thank you!!

this is super cool!!! Recently I’ve gotten back into Pokémon and I looove how this code looks to be formatted aaa!! Super excited for its release <3

ahh thank you!! hopefully it'll be ready soon!

Hello how you did the jump thing?

It's a CSS feature. By setting the position to relative, you can then animate the element by changing its position, and by setting the interpolation to step-end you can snap to the new position without any tweening. You can find the code for the icons here, but Toyhouse requires premium to use CSS.

Super excited!! I love this already!!😳💘

thank you!! 😊

Absolutely amazed by this code already! :]

Thank you!!